Fantasy of living in Jeju

Jiyeon Choi

One of the indispensable reasons why people want to settle down in Jeju or wants to experience one month living is the fact that many of the celebrities who have a great influence on people live in Jeju Island. In particular, JTBC’s “Hyo-ri’s Guest House,” which was first aired in 2017 and aired until season 2, played a huge role in enhancing people’s fantasy about Jeju Island by capturing the daily life of celebrity Lee Hyo-ri living in Jeju Island with her husband Lee Sang-soon. But TV programs are just TV programs. The broadcasting station edits videos that contain only the best images possible. Of course, it is clear that you can feel the nature of Jeju Island, which was not seen in the city. However, the more pervasive reality is the windows rattled all night by the sea breeze, the ever-changing weather, and ships and planes being canceled. The reality of having to live for the beautiful scenery is never easy.

Another challenge to those who want to live in Jeju is housing prices and humble jobs. House prices on Jeju Island were exploding, although those leaving Jeju Island outperformed the influx and the Covid-19 continued. This is because the population has increased in Jeju Island. Jeju Island has a strong Jeju community culture, a kind of group formed only among Jeju people, and if you are not oa jeju people, you often don’t get a chance to even join the group. Some even say that they are Jeju people only after three generations, starting with whether they are from Jeju. The Jeju community culture, which ostracizes the group just because they are from other places and even reduces the sales performance of migrants, makes migrants unable to settle down comfortably. And those who couldn’t stand this discrimination end up leaving Jeju Island.

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