TV Series Worth Watching

Hajon Lee

A K-drama that has brought a lot of interest and love is a tv series called Vincenzo. It has recorded a 14.6% viewer rating with its last episode. The series ended on April 2nd, but I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t. As seen from the title, the series is about an Italian mafia lawyer who came to Korea due to the betrayal of the organization, wiping out villains in a villain’s way with a veteran lawyer. This masterpiece is around the law and defies the spirit of the law. It is designed to relieve anger and lethargy over the Korean cartel. Through the process of the real mafia destroying this cartel, sometimes drastic measures must be taken in order to win against evil. The main character is the famous Song Joong-ki. To briefly introduce him, without any spoiler alerts, “If this was Italy, you would have been unknowingly vineyard manure by now. And it’s going to be cheap wine and it’s on sale somewhere for a buy-one-get-one-get-one?” He’s a lawyer. Consilieri, a cold-blooded strategist and with a perfect poker face in the Italian mafia “Casano Family”. The family is the law, absolutely loyal to the boss. No one can resist his offer as the best lawyer to do things neatly as a way of catching people off guard. The antagonist is Ok Taecyeon. What really caught the attention of the audience was the action scenes, but at the same time the comedy in the tv series which was really highlighted by the synergy between the characters. Another factor was the CG in Vincenzo. They created images of Italy and the wine vineyard only using the green screen. It showed some of the reality of Korea’s rich families and their use of money to buy power. There are various themes inside the series and it brings tears to some of the parts.

It is available on Netflix so have a look after your exams!!

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