Gentle Monster

Hajon Lee

Today I will be introducing to you, personally, one of my favorite eyewear brands: Gentle Monster. The brand name of Gentle Monster was “Gentle Monster” by combining the words gentle and monster. It is a brand name derived from “Everyone has a desire to live differently than they do now, and those parts are monster parts.” Gentle Monster has grown into a brand that is currently receiving a lot of attention in the global eyewear market only after 7 years of launching as a domestic brand. It captivated the hearts of overseas celebrities at once with unconventional designs that cannot be seen in traditional Je-dancing, such as ultra-small-sized tiny sunglasses that barely cover the eyes. The search for design evolution began in earnest with the debut of New York Fashion Week, and the experimental design created by collaboration with the New York brand Hood by Air and Opening Ceremony with hipster enthusiasts was a decisive opportunity to promote Gentle Monster’s name to the global fashion market. In 2017, the LVMH branch that manages Louis Vuitton invested KRW 60 billion. It is attracting attention from the global fashion industry.

In addition to the unique product design, another keyword that describes Gentle Monster is the unique and creative retail interior that surpasses the gallery. You’ve probably seen their store or walked by the store, assuming that it was an art gallery not a eyewear shop. Their design of the store is very eye-catching and brings about intrigue to the customers. Gentle Monster, which has introduced new spaces with different themes every time, is writing new retail design trends as a flagship store with fresh stories and creativity.

I currently have a sunglass and a new purchased eyeglass from their brand. What I really like about these products are that they are very light, but use titanium so it doesn’t break easily. Furthermore, when you purchase the glasses, at the shop the excerpts customize the eyewear to your fitting. They have great service and so you could visit any store with your glasses to change your lens or alter the end parts of the glass. If you are looking for some cool glasses, I suggest a visit to one of their pop-up shops.

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