Transformation of old railway facilities ‘Haeundae Blueline Park’

Yugyeong Jeong

Haeundae Blue Line Park is an eco-friendly redevelopment of the 4.8km old railway from Mipo to Songjeong. Along the coastline, Haeundae Beach Train and Haeundae Sky Capsule are operating. Haeundae Beach Train is a transportation and tourist train that runs round-trip from Mipo to Songjeong. Haeundae Sky Capsule is a 4-seater capsule that automatically runs a 2km section from Mipo to Cheongsapo. You can slowly appreciate the beautiful coast from the 7-10m aerial rail. You can take a train to Songjeong and enjoy a delicious meal or visit Songjeong Beach. Or, when the weather is nice, taking a walk along the walkway next to the train can be a good way to change your mood.

There are six main courses, Mipo Station, Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo Station, Daritdol Observatory, Gudeockpo, and Songjeong-yeock Station. Among them, Cheongsapo is famous for its beautiful sunrise on the beach, and the evening moon is considered one of the eight scenic spots in Busan. The village and natural scenery harmoniously combined with the lighthouse behind it is also a domestic tourist attraction that won the Presidential Award in the Land and Landscape Design Competition. The Daritdol Observatory was made in the shape of a blue dragon, said to be the patron saint of Cheongsapo Village, and the lower part is made of transparent glass, so you can feel the thrill of walking on the sea.

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