My Final Article for MyHUBS

By Kathy Pham

 I am sad to say that the semester is almost over and this will be my final article for myHUBS, however, what I truly want to say is that I am very grateful for my experience as a reporter.


At first, I was unaware that I needed to be a reporter for myHUBS, and I actually felt like it was kind of a bother to have to write articles every week and have meetings every week. However, this changed as I grew close with other people within the team and I actually enjoyed reading past articles, as they were helpful. This inspired me to write articles that also helped future and current exchange students.

Truly, I have met and become close with people I never thought I would befriend. I’ve met friends that will last a lifetime, despite the distance between us. I have learned from them and I hope that they have learned from me as well. The myHUBS team is very welcoming and I never felt excluded. It was also very refreshing to read articles from Korean students, as their viewpoints were definitely different from mine as an exchange student.

The knowledge I have gained from being a reporter made me become more open-minded as well. I learned to look at things in different perspectives and when I was out exploring the beauties of South Korea, I wanted to share my amazement with others very badly! MyHUBS allowed me to do so, and even give tips on how to make the trip easier. There were times where I ran out of ideas to write about as there were already past articles about the topic, but this made me think deeper to what could be useful information for others! If you kept up with my articles, you can see that it started off with adventures in South Korea to a skincare routine! I have no specific style to how I write or specific topics to write about, but myHUBS allowed me to explore my options and I always had the freedom to write anything I wanted to!

Thank you again to everyone on the myHUBS team, as they have made my experience in South Korea more memorable and more meaningful! I hope to come back to South Korea soon, and I will never forget the memories I made here. As well, I will never forget the knowledge I have gained on this exchange program, along with the amazing friends I have met.

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