Karaoke & Photobooth


Hi everyone, how’s your stay in Korea so far? Does any differences or culture shock you experienced? Well for me, I found one thing to be rooted in Korean society which is not so common in my country……..🥁 🥁   

It’s Karaoke 🎤 and self-photo booths where you can take pics with your friends and have them with you offline and online.

Wherever you go in Seoul, you can find these photo booths and karaoke. These things are not so common in my country or any other country that I know so far. But here it’s part of everyday life. You might see friends going together to create some cute, funny, pretty memories.

  • Karaoke is a place where you enjoy and sing songs with your friends. Especially, if you are a singer or love singing as a hobby then this place is a must-go for you. Even though I am really bad at singing but I like listening to music so I go nevertheless. For karaoke, you can either go to coin karaoke where will be a price already determined for a particular number of songs, for example, 2 or 3 songs for 1000 won then you can see how much time you want to spend. In this type of karaoke, after getting into the room, you insert the bill into the machine and get a particular number of songs. Another type of karaoke is where you pay at the counter and buy time and can play any number of songs. But I have been to both Karaoke and I feel coin karaoke is money worthy. I went with my friends to this coin karaoke in Gangnam recently.

We sang a variety of songs from English, Korean, and even my country’s famous ones too.

  • After that we went to the photo zone to have a memory of this day. We went to the “Haru Film”. First, we chose the accessories which could be cool headbands to funny glasses or some cute monster caps. Then we went to one of the booths and select the number of prints we want and insert money. After that, we chose whether we want 2cut/ 4cut/ 6cut and black and white or colourful. In total, they will let you take 10 pics, more or less. The total number of pics you take for final selection can vary depending on the company and the cut you choose. For example, we choose a 4 cut and the machine granted 10 total pics and later we can choose the final 4 pics and print it out. We can customize the cover and background. Also, we can opt for the QR code one so that later on you can have the pic online and the video too. 

I hope you guys can go there with your friends too and create memories…….

See you next time^^

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