2020 Youth Day Festival

Yugyeong Jeong


On October 31st, the 4th Korea Youth Day Festival was held at the Peace Plaza at Olympic Park in Songpa-Gu. Youth Day is a legal memorial day enacted to promote the importance of youth rights protection and youth development, and to raise interest in youth issues. It is the third Saturday of every September. However, this year’s festival has been postponed to October due to Corona 19. This festival was hosted by the corporation ‘Youth and Future’ to support the youth and those who made efforts to designate a legal anniversary for Youth Day. In January this year, Youth Day became a legal anniversary due to the enactment of the Basic Youth Act, so it was a more meaningful festival.

In the admission process, the event strictly complied with quarantine rules such as self-diagnosis form, QR code input, heat check, and passage through the disinfection gate, and many staff members worked to keep social distance during the event. Companies such as LH Korea Land & Housing Corporation, World Job Plus, the National Institute of International Education, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, and the Venture Business Association have organized promotional booths under the theme of ‘Youth, Coloring Korea’. The name of the company’s booth was written on the bingo of the leaflet received at the time of entry, and participants got stamps when performing the activity. In addition to various events, there was also a place to provide necessary content to people who would like to consult or obtain information.

Starting with the opening speech, the Overseas Youth Quiz Contest, the Creator Awards, and the Youth-Friendly Dedication Awards were followed. Along with the company’s publicity booth, there was also a space where you could meet famous creators in person, drawing the interest of the young. And there were awards for members of the National Assembly, local governments, and local council who have made efforts for the lives of young people throughout the year. We could find that many people value the role of youth and implement policies to help them develop in society. The 4th Korea Youth Day Festival, which consisted of various events including fashion shows and music concerts, ended with great success.

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