The Korean New Deal Fund

Yugyeong Jeong Before explaining the Korean New Deal Fund, the New Deal is an economic revival policy that the United States pursued to overcome the recession caused by the Great Depression. In the United States, production increased after World War I, but because consumption did not follow, inventory was piled up. With the massive crash […]

Korea’s Luxury Car Brand: Genesis

Hajon Lee You’ve probably heard of various Korea car brands like Hyundai, Renault, Kia, and lastly Genesis. What you may have not known is that Kia and Genesis both are from Hyundai. They are just branches of the company. Kia was actually bought from Hyundai and Genesis was a luxury car brand Hyundai launched. This […]

Korean Fashion Brands

Lee Sooyeon The global popularization of Korean culture, often referred to as the “Hanlyu(한류)” wave, may have started with K-pop, K-dramas and foods like kimchi, but now that’s extending to Seoul-based clothing brands that have been spreading the country’s fashion sensibilities to a global audience. From street style to upscale luxury brands gracing Fashion Week […]

US Ready for Joe Biden?

Minjun Son US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election on the 7th of November. Candidate Biden won the title of the winner by securing a majority of the electoral corps (270 people) needed to win the presidential election only on this day, the fifth day of the presidential election, after a bloody […]