2020 Youth Day Festival

Yugyeong Jeong On October 31st, the 4th Korea Youth Day Festival was held at the Peace Plaza at Olympic Park in Songpa-Gu. Youth Day is a legal memorial day enacted to promote the importance of youth rights protection and youth development, and to raise interest in youth issues. It is the third Saturday of every […]

How the Korean Financial Sector is Changing

Hajon Lee As you probably know I am a financial business major and have dreams of pursuing a career in the sector of finance. I have recently been noticing the changes in the financial sector and also attended a lecture on such topic. So what is finance exactly? Money. That could be an answer. It’s […]

Are you an Intro – or an Extro?

Lee Sooyeon Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? We often use this concept when we introduce ourselves and talk about personalities. Then, what is an ‘introvert?’ How is it like to act like an ‘extrovert’? Is an introvert someone who is always shy, not fond of talking in front of a […]

Enjoy Your Starbucks at Home!

Minjun Son One of the most popular franchise coffee shop in Korea and the world, obviously, Starbucks is coming to your home! Starbucks Korea is planning to expand the service after selecting multiple pilot stores within this year and starting testing. The number one coffee shop in Korea, the only large coffee brand that did […]