US Ready for Joe Biden?

Minjun Son

Democratic Candidate Joe Biden; Yonhap news

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election on the 7th of November. Candidate Biden won the title of the winner by securing a majority of the electoral corps (270 people) needed to win the presidential election only on this day, the fifth day of the presidential election, after a bloody fight with the core competition. In particular, Pennsylvania (20 people), who put the wedge of victory, confirmed the victory on this day after writing a drama of a last-minute reversal overtaking President Trump at a 95% counting rate. He also won in Nevada (6 people) that day. Immediately after the media’s report on the victory, President-elect Biden said, “It is an honor for the United States to choose me to lead our great country.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, President Trump argued, “It’s a simple fact that this election is never over.” Trump broke the tradition of giving out the message of victory for losers since the 1896 presidential election. President Trump has insisted that the elections have been fabricated without providing clear evidence.

If candidate Biden passes this gate, he will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on January 20 next year. At 78, he becomes the oldest president of all time.

Senator Kamala Harris, the vice presidential candidate, will write a new history of becoming the first female vice president of the United States and the first vice president from black and Asian origins.

Candidate Biden is expected to take a major turn to liquidate the ‘Trump Era’ both inside and outside the United States, denying President Trump’s US prioritization and raising the banner of the restoration of American traditional values and international leadership.

Unlike President Trump, who prefers ‘top-down’ in relation to North Korea’s denuclearization, it is expected that changes will take place in the US-North Korea relations and denuclearization negotiations by taking a bottom-up approach from working-level negotiations.

Biden’s presidential challenge was the third time after 1988 and 2008.

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