Bibimbap and Bossam at Hanyang Plaza

Donghoon Lee

There are great places to eat at Hanyang University. One of them is the food court in the first floor of Hanyang Plaza. Under my experiences of having various menus at the Hanyang Plaza, I would like to introduce my Top 2 favorite dishes.



The first one is the Beef Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a great Korean food to try. ‘Bibim’ means a mixture of different ingredients, and ‘Bap’ means the rice. With the mixture of various of vegetables and beef, it tastes really good. What actually makes Hanyang Plaza’s Bibimbap special is that it is ‘basic’. It has all the great ingredients without any flaws. I highly suggest anyone looking for a great meal at Hanyang Plaza to grab a bowl of Bibimbap.


Next is Bossam. Bossam is a very popular food among Korean people. Especially with the food delivery service, Bossam has become top 3 food for delivery including fried chicken and Chinese food. Bossam is usually a meal with pork that is boiled with spices and that is thinly sliced. It is also served with kimchi, raw garlic, lettuce, salted shrimp, etc. The food court at Hanyang Plaza is great place to try Bossam. The combination of spiced lettuce and pork is very good. Side dishes such as kimchi suits the harmony of Bossam.

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