Apps that Helps Us Go Paper-free in Campus

Lee Sooyeon

Recently, a lot of people are going paper-free using many different types of IT devices. Students in the campus also use laptops and tablet PCs instead of having printed papers and books, since it is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Especially, students using I-pad are increasing, and various kinds of note-taking applications are coming up new. Here are some famous note-taking apps in the apple app store with the highest download records.



Goodnotes is one of the popular note-taking apps in the apple store. This app is highly recommended for those who like writing diaries and decorating them with many different types of images and png type of stickers. It also provides a lot of templates to design a note of your own.




Notability is also one of the popular apps with the most downloads. It is well known for its recording function, which is very useful for students who take lectures or classes at school. What is special about this function is that when you press the start button on top, the recorded voice and the writings come up like a video. You can watch this video with your writings and the professor’s voice again and again, when you have to review the contents for your exam.




Flexcil is an app that is highly recommended for those who use PDF files a lot. Also, what’s special about this app is that you can add an extra note (something like a sticky note) on every single page, which is a good way to add extra information on your notes. The price is originally 11,000KRW, but you can also take the free version.

Free or ₩11,000 for further functions

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