Isolation during Pandemic

Seung Hyun Nam

During times of pandemic, when quarantine lives are something that must be done to strive through this crisis, University students like us cannot help but to bump on obstacles. To elaborate, offline classes make foreign exchange students somewhat hard to follow up the main classes. Language is one of the major problems: Online classes tend to speed up for smooth progress in class despite there are participants overseas. They lack in Korean and what makes it worse is that group projects are also held online. Some participants are having a hard time to be an active participant since the circumstances are uncontrollable. Students often do not wait for students abroad having difficulties, they just keep moving on to their next steps without them.

Lack in Korean is not something we should blame of, but something we should work together to solve the obstacles coming from this crisis. Exchange students are willing to work hard, participate hard enough for quality improvements in group projects but it seems like Korean students are not.

Isolation is not acceptable, Cooperation is necessary however, and we need teamwork to work this out. Foreign students can’t do this by themselves. To be a true global leader in HYU students should learn how to cope with people who are in difficulties.

There are times when circumstances are inevitable and out of our own control, we should stick together in these hard times for the best solution and that’s what HYU students are born to do.

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