The Binge-watcher’s Guide to the Netflix

Woo Joo Min

COVID-19 stopped everything and also made people stay home. Some said only two industry went better post outbreak which is OTT services and mask industry. Netflix and amazon started to provide lower resolutions on some region due to increased traffic. In Korea Netflix is popular like they never did. TV shows and movies are now released on Netflix at the same time. Here are some Netflix shows you might be interested while quarantine.

Hospital Playlist


Hospital Playlist is a show about 5 friends from medical school after 20years. It was made by famous drama-making duo Shin Won-ho and Lee Woo-Jeong. like their previous shows, this show doesn’t focus only on medical events but on how people live and interact in hospital. Old music played by five friends are one of main story plots and it’s making old songs rise again.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul


I’m bit worried if it is disrespect to the great show by not giving their own section. Breaking Bad is crime drama created by Vince Gilligan. It is about high school chemistry teacher Walter White who got diagnosed cancer and his former student Jesse Pinkman trying to make and sell drugs and got related to big crime organizations. I would hate to spoil this great show for giving too much information about it, but I would like to say if you never watched Breaking Bad yet, be grateful for it and start watching. Better call Saul is spin-off show of Breaking Bad and it’s not only great spin-off but great show on its own. I guarantee that after you watch this great shows, you’ll be amazed.



Homeland is very interesting spy thriller TV series. Carrie Mathison, CIA officer finds out that American prisoner was turned. After, US Marine Nicholas Brody who was held captive by al-Qaeda as prisoner was rescued. Brody is a hero for America and Carrie suspects her. It is a great show with interesting story and fine filming. Actors acting is the cherry on top. Former US president Barak Obama was fan of the show and invited the actor Damian Lewis who played Brody when meeting former Prime minister of UK David Cameron.

I wish you enjoy these great shows and I will soon come back with other recommendations. Happy binge-watching!

☆ Photocredit: Official Poster of Each

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