Experience at Seongsu Gallery

Donghoon Lee

Near Hanyang University, there is a small town called Seongsu. With various foods and cafés, Seungsu is such a nice place to enjoy lazy afternoons. Seoul forest is also located at Seongsu, which makes the place great place to spend some time.

Last spring, I visited Seongsu Gallery. Unlike typical galleries, this gallery is not for viewing art. This gallery is designed to offer guests to experience art. They give guests huge paper that already has drawings.

You are given three hours to color the drawings. I was surprised at how huge the paper was. There are variety of tools such as acrylic paint, crayons, colored pencils, etc. It took a lot of time just to color. I remember enjoying my time focusing. There are saying that the state of being present, in other words being in the eternal nowness is the greatest happiness that human can enjoy. Focusing on something that hard brought me some kind of relaxation and happiness. Mixing different colors was a huge fun. I am looking forward to visit this place. If you have a chance, try visiting Seongsu and Seongsu Gallery.

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