Places You Can Make Your Own Handmade Product Near Our School

Gaeun Kim

Today I’ll introduce some places near our school where you can make some hand-made soap, candle, pottery. I think creating your own things in a complex and chaotic world like these days can be meaningful experience for everyone.

I’m going to introduce two places which are located near Seongsu station. First place is called ‘Gongdry workshop(공드리워크샵)’. I’ve been to this place to buy birthday present for my friend. For buying well-made product, you can visit store directly. But in order to participate one-day class, you should make reservation through Instagram or blog. I think making my own fragrant product will be one way to heal myself, and it can be a memorable thing, or interior equipment for room decorating. These pictures are products you can buy or make in Gongdry workshop.

☆ I’ll leave Instagram and blog URL here😊


Next place is called ‘Craftpractise(크래프트프랙티스)’. This place is pottery studio located in Seongsu-dong. You can learn how to handle and make things with soil materials. I haven’t visit here yet, but I will visit soon because I am looking forward to make a hobby of making ceramic bowls, cups. I want to make many handmade products and decorate my home with charming things. If you want to join one day class or hobby class, you can make a reservation through visit or calling. You can make your own ceramic cup or dishes within 2 hours under guidance with teacher. You can carve words, draw things freely. After the work, pottery will be baked in the oven. You can get your work by next week.

You can also visit their instagram and blog link below to find out more.

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