Places to Study in Wangsimni

You can easily find Hanyang students studying for exams or working on their projects in the school library or school cafeterias. However, many of the students also study outside the campus, in different places in Wangsimni. Here are some places to recommend. (Those in brackets are their locations)

  1. Heung-Sin-So Cafeteria (서울 성동구 왕십리로 231) Business Hours : 11:00-2:00

Heung-Sin-So(흥신소) is a very famous for a spot for studying. It is across the street from the school main gate. It has 3 floors and also a basement floor. You can see many Hanyang students studying or working on a project here. It is a bit quiet to talk out loud, so I recommend this place for those who wants to study alone quietly. It also had a renewal recently, so why don’t you take a visit?


  1. Hipdeck (서울 성동구 마조로 33) Business hours: 9:00-00:00

Hipdeck is a new brand-new place in Wangsimni. What’s special about this place is that it is a study-purposed cafeteria, designed as a coworking space at the same time. It is allowed to talk freely on the 2nd floor, but you have to stay silent on the 3rd floor. You pay 4,900 KRW for a day, and you can use this space without time limit, with free beverage given. You can also pay a monthly fee 190,000 KRW and visit anytime in a month.


  1. Tom N Toms Cafteria (서울 성동구 왕십리로 229) Business hours : 00:00-24:00

Tom N Toms is a well-known franchise cafeteria which often locates near many university campuses. The one near the school main gate is popular among Hanyang students because of its business hours. Tom N Toms Hanyang branch opens everyday 24hours, which is the reason why many of the students visit here especially on the exam days.

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