New Bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester

Hello, all :) We are happy to introduce 7 new bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester.

1. Donghoon Lee


Hello, I am Donghoon Lee, I will be writing blog articles about my personal experiences in Hanyang University this semester. This is my second year in HUBS, and in the first year at HUBS, I had a great time. I have done various experiences in my first year. I was an actor in my drama club, traveled all over the world, met great new people, volunteered in Japan, went paragliding, ate tons of different foods and a lot more. I will be sharing my experiences this semester that can help you get a better sense of life at HUBS.

This semester, I will be focusing on my classes. I am going to be studying about Youtube, operation management, MIS, strategic management and accounting. I will also be posting about my classes as well!

2. Gaeun Kim


Hi everyone, I’m Gaeun Kim. I am a junior in HUBS and I’m twenty-two years old. This is my first time being a reporter for the English blog of the business department. I’ve been to New Zealand as an exchange student. This was a wonderful experience, communicating with diverse people and get used to new culture. I like to study various foreign cultures and foreign languages. So next year, I want to join exchange program to USA, and study Business management globally.

Nowadays, because of covid-19, I usually stay at home binging Netflix. So my hobby is watching movies and listening to music these days. Usually, I like to play flute. I’ve played flute in orchestra for more than 7 years. I hope this situation ends as soon as possible, and join orchestra activity again.

3. Ha Jon Lee


What up readers! I am Hajon Lee, your new Hanyang English Reporter for this semester. I hope I can deliver some useful and enjoyable content which could help your experience here. A brief introduction about me. I was born in Korea in 2001 and lived in California for a year and then moved to Budapest, Hungary when I was years old. I graduated elementary school and high school in an International school in Budapest and moved to Korea to attend Hanyang University.

Currently, I am a Junior majoring in Financial Business even though I’m only 20 years old. English is basically my mother tongue as I spoke it and studied it my entire life. I speak four languages, obviously English and Korean and the other two are Hungarian and Spanish. Through the collective nature of my experience, travels, and studies, my perspective of the world has been broadened, shaping the person I have become. I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK), a global-nomad, and am thankful to be one as I have absorbed numerous different types of culture and am never just in one. The lifestyle itself changes become a TCK, moving from one end of the world to another; but, in fact I quite enjoyed it because it was unique and is and will always be an unforgettable memory.

I hope to write so that through my articles you guys have fun reading with inside jokes and perspectives that come naturally by living abroad for so long. I believe that the experiences I have enjoyed and were excited about also become what you guys were looking for. Hope to see you in my next article.

4. Seung Hyun Nam


It has never been easy to introduce myself to others, especially in English. But ill try to make it nice and easy for everyone to understand who I am and what I like. So to move on, being a huge fan of traveling and sports, I spend most of my free time planning on traveling all around the world or playing football. One more thing that makes me alive; is Movie. I love watching movies, love lots of actors in Hollywood, feel great excitement when I truly understand the lesson that the movie is meant to give. To organize what is mentioned above, Traveling, Football(both watching PL and playing), Movies are my everything that I cannot expect to live more than a second without any of these three.

My early life thanks to my parents, was like a superstar. I lived in America roughly for two years, 2005-2007, I went to pre-school and kindergarten one year each. To be honest, I don’t remember what I did or what I experienced, even a bit. But one thing, thanks to my two years in US, I always won first place in whatever English competition, until middle school. I had and still have good pronunciation(which is the best to show-off) and this made me some kind of an unreachable student(?) in English. But this ungrounded phenomenon collapsed right after I enrolled to a foreign high school where bunch of students have studied abroad and had an unreachable brain capacity that I couldn’t even imagine. This is my part of life where I call it; The Recession. I barely maintained half rank in class, became a student that had nothing special. I failed to go to Uni in my first try, studied an extra year and finally entered HYU(Applied five times in HYU and finally got accepted with the fifth application this Feburary). The last two years have been a heartbreaking time of life but these failures, I believe, made me much stronger and confident of who I am and what I could do. Last part of my life until now is called; an Uphill road. No need to look back, just do what’s in front of you, and plan ahead. Three simple rules will make me and my life happy enough to receive the rewards from the past efforts and hard struggles to survive in this competitive country.

“Doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong” ; This is my life motto, spoken by my favorite Youtuber Casey Niestat. Yet I have fear and full of uncertainties when I make decisions when it seems to go sideways, I strongly believe that I would be full of courage and be strong enough(definitely not reckless) to encourage myself to do what seems to be right. And I also believe that HYU and the instructors will lead me and improve me to reach my goal.

Thank you

5. Soo Yeon Lee


Hi guys! I am Lee Sooyeon from the Business School. I am a junior majoring Business this year, and I am really happy to be the new HUBS English Reporter for this semester. I will try my best to deliver some interesting contents and useful information for you! My major as a freshman was originally Chinese, but then I changed my major to business back in 2019 to study more about business. So obviously this is my second year in HUBS, and I am enjoying my time here. I used to live in Singapore when I was little, and I have met so many friends from so many different cultures. I really LOVE getting to know new friends from different countries, so please feel free to be one of mine! I usually spend my time outdoors because I love outdoor activities and exercise, hanging out with friends and sometimes visiting some nice places to eat. If you want to know some nice places to eat and drink in Seoul, I would definitely love to be your guide. I also enjoy watching EPL and I am a big fan of Chelsea, so if you like football it would be nice to watch them together. Please feel free to ask any questions, give some comments about my article, or just have a chat anytime! My instagram ID is @soofflee, and you can also email me through Thanks for reading and take care!

6. Su Un Taeh Kim


A ferocious nomad would be the best description of Su Un Taeh Kim. Like a nomad, I’ve been to places unimaginable to the ordinary kind and seen things that some would detest to being even near it. Nevertheless, like a nomad I strive to explore new ideas and places for either personal interests or needs. That being said, I welcome anyone regardless of their background and tastes. Please let me know if there is anyone who wish to join me in the journey to explore to quintessence of life. 3rd year studying business, and of course life. Su Un Taeh Kim.

7. Woo Joo Min


Hi readers! I’m Min Woo Joo and this is my first semester being MYHUBS reporter. It is quite a challenge for me to write articles in English. I hope this could be the opportunity for me to connect with more people.

I am a huge movie fan and would love to write articles about it. There are many films from Korea I can’t wait to introduce to foreign movie fans. And of course many great films made in English are my interest too.

There are many social issues in Korea that may be hard for foreign readers to stay updated since they are made and distributed mainly in Korean. I will do my best to make MYHUBS blog a help to the readers.

I hope to meet you guys at my future article. Have a nice day.

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