The Notorious ; Shinjeon Tteok-bokki


Have you guys tried this wonderful food? If you haven’t, you definitely should go right away. Stop reading this article, pack your stuff, go straight to your nearest Shinjeon tteok-bokki place. I promise it will be an incredible experience that you guys will never forget. I bet more than 1/3 will be a Shinjeon tteok-bokki addict and re-visit this place. I could be so sure because there was a friend of mine, from Germany, and she begged for this food every single time we meet and she still is threatening me to take the food on the plane and fly all the way to Germany with me. Even if you are not a big fan of spicy food, that’s totally fine. Usually there are 3 spice levels you can choose, some places have an additional spice level for people who don’t enjoy spicy food.

(Level0: extra mild)

Level 1: mild(my favorite, even though I can’t say that I’m bad at spicy stuff)
Level2: average(for people who are an intermediate to spicy food. I would prefer Level1 since this makes me sweat a lot.)
Level3: Hot(This, you dare not try it so easily, your curiousity will make your stomach burn to hell. My experience of trying this level, It was not my intention to order Level3, but somehow I did, and used literally half of the toilet paper to wipe off my sweat coming down my forehead.)

How painful you might feel while trying, does not matter at all. The chewy rice cakes and the thick spicy soup cannot be erased from your brain from the first moment you take the first sip of it. This is not it, inexpensive price, diverse side-menu’s that we can enjoy altogether are the second, and third reasons you must go.

Hope you guys could try this and become my Shinjeon buddy to hang out sometime.

*I am not payed for this advertising article*


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