Hanyang Rel-terview

Eunjin Jo

This is the new corner of the my HUBS. This is “Han-yang Rel-terviw”.

Hanyang Rel-terview is short for Hanyang University Business School’s relay interview of exchange student. From now on, interview with students who come to Hanyang University as exchange students will be uploaded every week.

You can feel the atmosphere of Hanyang University, life in Korea and mood of Business School through the mouths of exchange students.

If you have any questions about Hanyang University’s Business School, please leave a comment! I’ll refer the comments for the next interview. You guys question is always welcome.


The first interviewer is Vittorio from Italy.

It’s been about a month since he came to Korea (2019. 9.30)

He was interviewed sincerely, thoughtfully and charmingly. I’m sure that the interview with Vittorio will provide good information to you.

(I’ll mark Vittorio with V and Reporter with E.)


E : Hi, Vittorio! Please introduce yourself for reader.

V : Hi I’m Vittorio from Milan, Italy , I’m 23 in October in international age. In Korea age I’m 24 years old. I’m studying business and I ‘m 5th year in university back in Italy. Particular I learn business management. Here at Hanyang I ‘m taking 3 course which are international business, marketing management and management information system.


E : Why did you come to Hanyang University as an exchange student?


V : I have choices between America, Korea, Japan and Australia. This four country was prepared in exchange student program. For me, Korea was the most interesting country so I choose Korea.


I didn’t know well about Korea university, So anything was okay to me. But I have a Korean friend whose brother is in Hanyang. Hanyang university was little familiar to me.


E : What did you imagine before come Korea as the exchange student?


V : Actually I didn’t thought university here were so big. because back in Italy university is much smaller. I was expected to meet new people both Korean, international students. Actually that was slowly happening. I’m getting to know more and more people. At First it is hard to get to know Korean people, because as if they don’t know English very well, they quite shy. so It was easier to get along with international students, but after some days, after some events for example the festival. I slowly getting to know even Korea friends.


E : How about the life as exchange student


V : Back in Italy I live with my family. Because I live Milan and study Milan so there was no chance to getting alone So this is the first independent experience in my life. Completely different living without family. Because you have to worry about everything for your self. You have to organize everything for yourself. At the same time you have more free time. you can manage your time by yourself more free. The pros and the cons coexist, but the good seem to be bigger. I think it will be an opportunity to mature.


E : What is the most impressive lecture in business management class?


It’s been a while since I’ve been taking classes lately, So it’s a little hard to choose an impressive lectures. But I can say that the marketing class was very impressive.

There are group project for presentation, assignments or reports in Marketing class. The lecture consist of more Koreans than international exchange students. In my group I was the only exchange student and the rest were Korean. At first I was nervous doing work with all Koreans but my group member were so good people. We have already written a report and finished our presentation. I think it was the best experience. We prepared the presentation. Me and the other friend made the presentation in front of class. I was so surprised that one of my friends gave a really good presentation, and it was a good experience to go out and make an announcement in front of a Korean class. In particular, I think it was really good that the professor organized the team himself. If students were given autonomy, Koreans would do it between Koreans and exchange students. It was really good to be able to mix together and study and discuss.


———————————–to be continued next week——————–

♥ : already done. ♡ remaining questions


♥Why did you come to Hanyang University as an exchange student?

♥ What did you imagine before the exchange student came?

♥ How about living after exchange student?

♥What was the most impressive lecture in business management class?


♡ What is the difference between the university classes in Italy and business management classes in Hanyang University?

♡ how about the life as university student? Is it difference between Italy and Korea?

♡ What do you usually do after class?

♡ What is the most difficult and fun part of an exchange student?

♡ Do you want to recommend an exchange student for business administration at Hanyang University? why?

♡ Lastly, if you summarize your life as an exchange student at Hanyang University in one word, what is it?

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