New Bloggers for the 2019 Fall Semester



Name: Eunjin Jo

Hi. Everyone!

This is the first article as a Hanyang English reporter.Through this blog, I want to inform useful news to people contacting me is always welcome.

My name is Jo, Eunjin. ( 조은진 <-This is the way I write down the name in my country. We use the character named Han-guel(한글)) I’m 20 years old and I learn Business in Han-yang university. My school is famous with student start-up and start- up program.

I live in Bucheon, South Korea. Bucheon is the city near by Seoul.  My city held some festival about movie and animation, once a year.

My hobby is learning new things.  Nowadays I start to learn Spanish. If there is Someone can speak Spanish, please teach me!! I want to use some expression that I learned !

I also start to study VR and AR program in school! I want to make some speech simulation using VR.  And I participated in musical last semester. Talking about musical is always fantastic. Also I love history. I studied history of china, japan and Vietnam. Of course I studied history of Korea also.

I want to write some article about Korean history, performing arts and some news about HYU.

I will try my best!:)


Name: Sang Uk Hwang

It is a good day, ladies and gentlemen. I am the new HUBS reporter. This is my first In-School activity among the whole activities that I did. I am so excited to do this now I will explain about me.

Food, activity, and game

I was born in Andong, the small city, and this city is famous for Spicy boiled chicken called ‘Jjim Dak’. If you have ever heard of steamed chicken you know that it is a very delicious dish. Also, I love LOTTERIA Hamburger. Because its taste is simple and addicted.

Second, I have been doing many activities since I was a freshman (now I am junior). At the student council, I learned teamwork. Besides, I learned from Samsung Electronics’ NANUM Volunteer Group to understand the pain suffered by a third party, not by the people around me. And I also could take insights how to define problems at a SAMSUNG TOMORROW SOLUTION, how to think differently in various advertising contest, and how to look into reasonable grounds at the Bank of Korea’s Monetary Policy Contest. Therefore, I have had a relatively diverse experience due to the changes in my career, so I have no doubt that I can  convey a variety of information to my readers in different perspectives.

Third, I like to play online games but I am not good at them. I do not think I have any talent for games. League of Legends are Bronze4, and the Overwatch is similar. The Only FIFA Online 4 is the normal level. Now my team is Bayern Munich, and I want you to read this and contact me with my KAKAO ID(cham337).

These are my characteristics. Let’s have fun together!



Name: Eun Chae Kim

Hi~ My name is Eun Chae Kim. I’m glad to be a reporter of the HUBS blog this semester.

I traveled many countries with my family since I’ve been a child. While traveling, I could learn and explore the various cultures. And this experience led me to have an attention on foreign culture and global. I want to be a global marketer of trader because I want to have a job related to this, not just learning foreign culture.

In 2017, when I was taking a major class of business, I met an exchange student from Indonesia. He had a great interest in Korea, and I also had an interest in Indonesia. So we became best friend. While taking a talk with him, I could know how many exchange students want to feel Korea! They enjoy from small pleasures near the school to those in famous tourist attractions in Korea.

So I want to upload many articles of various informations that are helpful or give a little fun to you. I really love talking with my friend in the café, so I want to introduce many pretty café in Seoul! Maybe my first article will be about café… : )

See you soon~!



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