End of Term (by Jungmok)

Hello everyone, this is Jung Mok and I cannot believe that my time as a myHUBS reporter for the fall semester has come to an end. Time really flies. First, I would like to thank the Business school International department, especially Ms.Aram Lee, for full heartedly supporting our reporters team. Furthermore, thank you so much Hail Chang, the chief editor, who has been busy hustling us for articles and giving feedbacks to our reporters to upload the articles at the right moment. I always wanted to communicate with people from different countries, where cultures, ideas and living life styles are different from what I normally know of. I tried my best to put myself in a foreigner’s perspective when writing articles and I hope it helped the readers. myHUBS reporter was such a great experience for me to share my home country, and I hope you guys enjoyed my articles and got some better insights from the article and get to enjoy exchange student life in Korea. I am also flying to Milano, Italy in January 2018, and I am very excited as well. I am looking forward to write something about my exchange life in Europe and share with you. Thank you so much and have a wonderful winter vacation!


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