My time as a blog writer for HUBS (by Annie)

My time as a blog writer for HUBS was an excellent opportunity for me to explore Seoul and share my discoveries with international students that weren’t comfortable living abroad yet. HUBS was a way for me to get involved in the many events that take place in Seoul. If not for the blogs, I wouldn’t have discovered half of the amazing places and events that I did. I went to new restaurants, cafes, and festivals that I had never even thought to look for. All the places I went for each blog became a checkpoint in my time abroad. Each and every blog was filled with my experiences and the best memories I have of my time abroad.


I had many favorite places that I went on the blog escapades but the global food festival in Itaewon and the beer festival in Yongsan were two of my favorite to attend. I love Korean food and had no problem eating it everyday but the food festival was a chance to break the normal everyday Korean cuisine and shake it up with a taste of the world. My friends and I tried at least 10 different country’s cuisines, several foods which we hadn’t even heard of, and all were delicious. The beer festival was set up similarly to the food festival but with beer. Breweries all over Seoul came together in Yongsan to showcase their beer. During both festivals I tried many new flavors and had a fantastic time with friends. Both of these festivals are things that I search up when trying to find ideas for new blogs. If I wasn’t a writer for HUBS, I wouldn’t have done half the things I wrote about and explored the many places I did.


HUBS broadened my view of Seoul. Even though my blogs were originally meant to show interesting places to students, it also helped me get involved and understand Korean culture more. This was one of the best things I’m taking from my time as a writer.  Another one of the things I enjoy about being a writer for HUBS was the people I met during the meetings and going on the blog adventures. This blog enabled me to extend my reach and get to know a lot of incredible people. These people are hopefully ones that I want to meet again!


(Article by Annie now back in the States!)

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