What to bring and what to leave behind: A packing list for Korea

by Kaylin When studying abroad anywhere it is hard to determine what to bring and what to leave behind, so for this article I thought I would make a list of the things that I think are wise to bring and what you should just leave at home to save space and hassle. Bring: Clothes […]

Must-do this April

By Fanny Coming up: a list of amazing and awesome events right here in Seoul! As students settle back into their school routines, weekends are the time to go out on adventures. As an exchange student myself, I want to explore and discover Seoul while I am here. So here are a few activities completely […]

Cheap Self-cocktail

Lee Anna Many foreigners are surprised by Korean’s culture. Koreans can start drinking when they become 20 in Korean age or the year they turn 19 in international age, which is quite younger than other countries’ minimum age. When someone asks his friend, ‘Let’s go and have a drink’, it doesn’t just mean that ‘we […]

After visiting famous “Audio Experience Stores”

Park Jeonghun There are many retailers who sell earphones in their stores. Some sell them online, others sell them offline. As a rationally behaving consumer, it is always wise to buy good quality products at the lowest price. Buying at a low price is always desirable only in one condition; “You should buy genuine earphones […]

Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic

Sooin If there is anything that is really weird in the eyes of some, but is totally normal for some others, I would vote for KOMC as one of those things. KOMC, as is stated in the title, stands for Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic. KOMC is one of the big schools of oriental medicine. For […]

Pyeongchang 2018 Volunteer

Alice Hong Last February, on the 25th Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics came to an end. This Olympic was Korea’s second Olympic, followed by 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. Many press from other countries praised this international event. Pyeongchang recruited volunteers on summer of 2016 and the ones who were selected had to get trained for a […]

The Secret Garden of Changdeok Palace: A Brief Introduction

Park, Jeonghun Most people are familiar with palaces in Seoul. Especially, Gyeongbok-gung (Gyeongbok palace) is famous among tourists who visit Seoul. Located right behind Gwanghwamun, its location helped the palace to become full of tourists. On the other hand, there is a garden in a palace, where even Koreans are not very aware of; The […]

Jeju: paradise on earth / trip to Jeju

Fanny Chouteau-Lapierre To start off this blog with a bang, I decided to introduce one of the most beautiful places in South Korea, Jeju Island. Located south of the country, this exotic island keeps a tropical-like temperature all-year. We went end of February, with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius in what I would call “dead […]