How much can you enjoy ‘Spring’?


Every year, when spring starts to appear all around, everyone in Korea anticipates seeing the beautiful flowers along the street. One of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in April should be Cherry Blossoms. Actually, the most famous place to see the cherry blossom is supposed to be Japan, which is near South Korea. However, due to price problems, we eventually choose to enjoy them here in South Korea. The interesting part of Cherry Blossoms is that they have different meanings between Western and Eastern countries. In western countries, it means ‘spiritual beauty’. On the other hand, in Eastern countries, it means ‘Prosperity’.


In Seoul, many people know where to go to enjoy cherry blossoms or other flowers, and there are many places which are full of flowers. The ironic part and sad part is that there are TOO many people going to those famous places. To list, there are ‘Deoksu Palace’, ‘YoonJoong Road’, ‘Boramae Park’, ‘Namsan Tower’, ‘Ansan Cherry Blossom Road’, ‘Seoul National Cemetery’, ‘Bulgwangcheon Walkway’, ‘Children’s Grand Park’, ‘Anyangcheon Stream’, ‘Seokchon Lake’ and ‘Olympic Park’. From these places, you can see the street full of both humans and flowers. The problem is that you just can’t walk as much as you want. It is just like you are standing in the middle of Time Square on the 31st of December.


We want to see the attractive flowers and not just looking at it, we want to enjoy it. Slowly and with relax. From here, I would like to introduce some schools which have great spring view, including Hanyang University.

First of all, we have Hanyang University. Hanyang University’s campus becomes even more beautiful by the time spring reaches around the corner. Especially, the landscape around Hanyang University Business School is even more mesmerizing. In front of HUBS, we have HaengWon Park. There, students are able to see cherry blossoms dropping from the tree branches, due to gentle wind. Many Business school students take pictures there. Right behind HUBS, on the way from HIT to HUBS, the slope has huge trees with eye-catching flowers. It always feels great to go down the slope when you are going to school in the spring. Near HUBS, there is JungRang Stream where many seniors exercise.


In the Spring, the whole street is aligned with Cherry Blossom trees. During lunch or between classes, it is recommended to many students to explore the area. Not so many people, but with so many flowers.

All the campuses have beautiful sceneries, but I also recommend ‘KyungHee University (Seoul)’ and ‘Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(Global)’. KyungHee university is most famous for its spring sceneries among the universities in Seoul. However, this time, I want to introduce ‘Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(Global)’ because it has a very special view- so much yellow. It is not very far from Hanyang University and the more important part is that there are not any hordes of people exploring the university, unlike famous attractions. Once you visit, you will be surprised by the scale of the campus and moved by the huge trees.

Spring always makes our heart flutter. In order to enjoy it properly, we need to find places with more beauties and less people, like HUBS.


  1. I will be in Seoul from 20th April, do you think I will still be able to enjoy the blossom?

  2. Some great places are in full bloom late April so YES

  3. That’s good to read, do excited about my visit!

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