Introduction of Performance Stages(Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (2) (by Jeongho)

Hey there musicians? I’m back with the introduction of Public performance stages in Korea, and the things you should prepare. ‘Busking’ didn’t start in Korea. It first started in Western countries. Musicians back then didn’t even have mics or amps. They only had a guitar and his or her voice. But now, many buskers have started using amplifiers and even full bands make performances on the streets. If you go to Shinchon, Hongdae, Gangnam, Kunkuk University, you can find a lot of musicians playing music, which is now one of the Korea’s leading artistic cultures.

  1. ShinChon

In case of ShinChon, there are mainly three places you can choose to ‘Busk’.

  • Red Submarine

This is one of the most well-known places for the buskers. It is very hard to attain the seat since it is where most audiences are gathered.


  • Shinchon Playbus

It is right next to the Red Submarine, so your music might kind of overlap with the buskers next to you. But you have to understand because Shinchon is where all the musicians gather. One thing you have to be aware of is there is a little Kebab restaurant right in front of the bus, so if you turn your mic too high, the manager comes out and ask you to move…;;


  • Shinchon Wooden Plaza

It looks like a real outdoor concert hall since there are wooden stairs for audiences to sit down, and a big square for the performers. However, attaining this place is a real challenge since lots of professionals come to this place and perform high-quality art. Amateurs like me walk on the egg shells when these people start performing..;;J


2. Kunkuk University

  • Kundae E Chul Ap

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Kundae E Chul Ap is the origin of Korea’s busking fields. The English translation of Kunda E Chul Ap is ‘Front of Kunkuk University Station exit number 2’. The reason why people busk here is because a lot of the high rate of population(audience). Youngsters who hang out at Kunkuk university station must have to pass this place in order to take the subway. Sometimes there are big events like culture festivals, and if you are lucky, you might meet celebrities on coincidence.


3. Gangnam Station Exit 9

Gangnam station Exit 9 is not located in an opened space, but you still can find lots of audiences. That is because Megabox, a movie theater is right in front of here. Usually couples or friends who’ve finished watching a movie come out to enjoy the music. A special trait about this place is that there is a chalkboard that audiences can write on. You can right your feelings, you name, the song title you like. It’s a place you can inscribe your memories behind.


  • Things you must prepare for Busking

(1) Busking Amplifier

An amplifier is the most important thing for buskers since if you don’t have one…you cannot deliver your voice and music to the audience. Where can you buy one? Nakwon SangGa is the place!! A recommendation of the amplifier brand is the CUBE street. It is about 300,000\. If this is burdensome, you can ask a Korean friend near you who is in a band. They definitely have at least one of these!!

(2) Mic

If you want to busk with a full session (more than 4 instruments), you have to use more than 2 amplifiers for clean sounds. For the vocal, you would need a mic and a line that can link your mic and the amplifier. Mic’s price is so various, but if you want a clean sound, you must use at least 100,000.

(3) Instruments

When using instruments, it is important to take the lines with you that attaches with the amplifiers. Also, in case you are using a guitar, regular guitars do not have a hole for the cord to go in. When buying a guitar or borrowing a guitar, you have to check if it has holes for cords.


Inactive and timid behavior does not help busking. In order to gather crowds, you should say some fun words or should move your body on the beat. Just act as if you are a real musician.

(Article by Jeongho Yeom, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School)

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