A walk to Business Building – 3 different routes to get to Business Building(by Yongshin)

There are various ways to get to the business school from Hanyang University station. You might have been concerned about which way to go to business school. Also, you might wonder which way is the fastest way. Therefore, today I’d like to compare about each route from Hanyang University Station to Business School.

There are many ways but I can divide largely into 3 ways. I walk along these ways and check the time in person. But you should concern that the time might be different because of the difference of walking speed

(1) Station-Sports field-Third law building-Business school


Law building


Time: 9 minutes and 33 seconds

Level of Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

First way is the way using the Law building portal. Have you heard about portal? Because Hanyang University is full of hills, students found some ways using elevators which can move from one place to another and named that elevator a ‘portal’. You can avoid going up a slope by using portal. There are 3 portals in our school, which are at Hanyang University Hospital, Law building and Social Science building. This way is using a portal through the Law building.

The first way is walk along Nochen Theater and the sports field. Then get into the Third Law building and take elevator. You are on the 1st floor so take elevator and go to 4th floor. If you get out of the elevator, turn right and go straight, and you are at right next to the 1st law building and economic and finance building which is in front of the business building.

This way is the most comfortable way to go to business building from Hanyang University Station. You don’t have to go up a slope. However, as you can see above, it takes a long time compared to the other ways. Therefore, you can use this way if you have plenty of time

(2) Station-Engineering Building 1-Human Ecology Building-Business Building34

Time: 8 minutes

Level of Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Second way is the way going to the Engineering building 1 then turn right and go straight until ROTC building. Then You can easily find Human ecology building. Turn right at there and walk along the downhill then you can find a business building. There is a similar way that go up the slope more from Engineering building 1 and turn right where you can see cafe tiamo and human ecology building. These ways are the fastest ways to go to business building. Also, you should go up the slope but it’s not that steep and long. Therefore, this route is the one that I use for going business school every day and I recommend it to you.

(3) Station-Education Building-Business Building


Time: 8 minutes 10 seconds

Level of Difficulty: ★★★★★

Third way is the way going to the Education Building then cross the street and you can see a trail which connects to Business Building. It is also fast way to go to business building. However, you have to climb up the hill to the Education building. Instead, you can use ‘portal’ of Social Science Building. You can directly move from 4th floor of Social Science Building to Education Building by taking elevator. However, Portal of Social Science Building is getting a lot of complain by Students of College of Social Science so please use only when you are in a hurry or sick!

Article by Yongshin a sophomore of Hanyang.

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