Sports clubs in Hanyang university (by Jonghyuk)


Maniac is Hanyang University’s basketball club. The club is always open for students that are interested and have a passion about basketball. The club has open access to any one regardless of age, grade, and major. The club wants to capture the full attention from many of the basketball people on campus. They are all ways ready for you guys to join their game at hang one park near the business building.

Hanyang Lions


Hanyang lions is a sports club that has a 56year history playing American football. Most of the people will think that football is a tough and aggressive sport and also very difficult. It seems that football is dangerous and scary like UFC, but it is a very strategic sport than a physical sport. Also, because the score could be flipped at once by one strategy it is a thrilling sport than any other sports. Many people of you will not know about the basic rules. You don’t have to worry about that we the club will teach how to play and watch football by watching the NFL together.

the annual schedule is as follows
March: freshman celebration
April: games between OB and YB
May: spring league
July: training camp
September: fall league
December: farewell party

There is no qualification for applying the club. People think that only big people are able to play football but it is not true. In football there are many positions that acquires various sizes of people. QB, L, WR, RB, LB etc, there are plenty of positions for everyone. All you need is a passion for football.
People who want unique experience, people who want to run in a team that represents Hanyang university please don’t hesitate to apply to the club.

field captain : mechanical engineering 12 최정희 (010-4768-4005)
captain : applied arts education 16 염준석 (010-2709-2626)


HHITS is 종혁3a baseball club in Hanyang University for people who want to play baseball but can’t find people to play.  HHITS was founded in 2010. Within the club, there are many Hanyang University students from diverse majors and even people that are not Hanyang University students.

HHITS is participating in two major leagues. HHITS participates in the Hanyang league and in the Jamsin League. In the Hanyang league, there are 9 baseball teams in Hanyang, and all of the clubs compete against each other. The recent league outcome is ranked in the top level. Also, the Jamsin league is held in Jamsin middle school every Saturday.

For baseball practice, the club uses the University field, located behind the law building, and when the weather is too cold or raining, the club uses inside practice areas.

President 최한별: 010-7455-6809 (new material engineering)

Vice president 이태양: 010-6392-0724 (business administration)



Hyminton is a badminton club in which both Hanyang University students and Hanyang Womens university students participate.
Important information:

  1. People who want to apply to the club must come to the session during the recruiting time. They don’t look for the ability; they look at attendance more.
  2. Also, unlike other clubs, there is a small fee for the club, and the club has no liability to give back the fee even if you leave the club.
  3. The club was regular practice every Wednesday 5 pm and Friday 6 pm and Sunday 2 pm.

How to apply :

Ask for more information in kakao talk:  ygw9164 or rladbfl95

Article by Jonghyuk from Hanyang




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