Introducing Pepero day (by Annie)

Pepero day is a popular holiday in Korea that acts a little like Valentine’s day but in November. This famous snack is recognized on November 11 because of its similar appearance to the date (11/11). On this day, Koreans buy pepero for their loved ones and go out on dates with their significant others. Pepero […]

If you want to order some food – delivery food around the school (by Yongshin)

What do you eat mostly for dinner? As you know Hanyang University is on top a slope, and the business building is too far from Wangsimni, where many restaurants are. It takes so much time and energy to go there; not to mention you can be late for class. In that time, using delivery system […]

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 1 (by Yongshin)

Where do you go when you don’t have class in school? You might need some places to rest for a while or to do your assignment. For these reasons, there are many lounges in school for students. Today I’d like to introduce various lounges in campus. Sinhan lounge – Business building First one is the […]

Tips about Emergency Medicine (by Jeongmok)

Many people take different kinds of medicine depending on what the symptoms are, unless it is a very serious issue that needs doctor’s care. In fact, there are a lot of emergency medicines that you can take and buy in a pharmacy and convenience store without a doctor’s prescription. There are a lot of questions […]

Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 2 (by Yongshin)

HIT lounge – HIT building You might have seen HIT building but might not know the main purpose of the building. HIT building is mostly for startup businesses and employments. You can find information about employment at HIT building. Also, there is a startup center, so you can also get some help if you are […]

Korean Autumn Style (by Annie)

*Annie wrote this article while ago and it is my bad to upload now.  Since it is already winter. anyways it is still an interesting one so please enjoy!  As soon as the weather drops below 25 degrees C (below 78 degrees F), Koreans arm themselves with a new fashion sense, one that generally requires […]

If you are sick of Soju and Beer, Try different kinds of Makgeollis! (by Jeongmok)

If you are foreign incoming students in Korea, you may have heard different kinds of alcohol drinks such as Soju and Makgeolli. Today I would like to introduce different types of Makegolli that you can try in different places of the Korean peninsula. For instance, there are 4 big categories of French wine, which are […]

Introduction of Performance Stages (Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (by Jeongho)

What do you do to relieve stress? Playing games, watching movies, exercising, and playing music. All people have different methods for relieving stress. In my case, my one and only leisure is to play music. I guess that there are many foreign students who have played in a band or an orchestra in their original […]