If you are cold out there….(by Yongshin)

Winter is coming! And it’s getting harder to enjoy outdoor activities because of the cold weather. Therefore, today, I’d like to introduce you various indoor activities

1.Board game café


You might have played Halli Galli, chess, or other board games when you were student. There are many popular and funny board games. However, it is hard to play these games if you don’t actually have the game. Board game cafe will solve this problem. At a board game cafe, you can enjoy various board games, from popular ones to not so popular ones. There are tremendous kinds of games at the front of café and you can just bring the game you want to play to your table. For some cafes, the board games are located at the counter, so you just have to say the game you want to the counter, and they will give it to you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play the game because the staff will teach the rule of game if you ask them. Board game cafes are not that expensive. It mostly cost 2500~3000 won per hour. It is good place to play with your friends or go on a date with your boy/girlfriend.

  1. Comic book café YS2

Do you like enjoying reading comics? If so, a cartoon café is the perfect place for you. You can read various cartoons at cartoon cafe for a cheap price. Mostly, it costs 2500~3000won per hour to use cartoon café without any drinks. There are so many cartoons that you can’t read all of them. Cartoons are classified by genre. There are many romantic comics, horror comics, etc. Also, most series of cartoons are in cartoon café so you can read the whole series of cartoons. In addition, there are some cartoons that published webtoons into books, so if you are a big fan of webtoon, you can also enjoy them at the cartoon cafe. The merit of a cartoon café is that not only you can read cartoons but also you can take a rest. There are some cafes with places that you can lie down or sofas that you can sit down comfortably in. In the winter, it is hard to stay outside, so a cartoon café will be the best place to spend time indoor. Cost-effectiveness of cartoon café is better than normal cafes or other indoor places. It is not necessary to read cartoons in cartoon café. You can just play with your friends or talk (not loudly) at cartoon cafe. Also, there is a cartoon cafe near our school, too. Therefore, I strongly recommend cartoon café whether you read cartoons or not.


3.Fishing café


If you want to go fishing, you have to go far away like reservoir, rivers, etc. However, you can enjoy fishing right here in Seoul. There are some fishing cafes that you can enjoy fishing indoors. It can be expensive to go fishing because of all the equipment, especially if you don’t go fishing regularly. However, you can rent some fishing equipment at the café, so it is ok if you want to do fishing in hobby. Also, at some fishing cafe, they teach you how to do fishing if you are newcomers for free. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have ever done fishing or not. You have to turn the fish that you catch back to water but you can take some prize if you do well. It costs mostly 10,000won per hour and you can enjoy snacks for free. Fishing is also the activity that is hard to enjoy in usual days.

Article by Yongshin  from Hanyang


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