How to get a part time job for foreign students legally (by Jonghyuk)

Foreign students, not only in Hanyang but in other universities, may have financial problems. For most of the foreign students, it is hard to receive money from their parents sometimes. Different from the culture in which many parents in Korea give allowance and take care until their kids are employed, some foreign students may not get financial support from their parents. But the problem is that there is a very difficult process to get a part time job legally. To help foreign students to take a part time job in Korea I will tell you about the visa process and the places where people can find jobs for foreigners.

For students who want to work, they must study in a Korean university for at least 6 months, which equals a semester. After that is settled, they can work 20 hours a month during semester and during vacation there is no limit. However, the most important qualification students that want to work legally must possess is a D-2 visa. Different with the D-2 visa, the D-4 visa doesn’t allow you to work in Korea. However, even after foreign students qualify the requirements, there are minor limitations. The part time job activities shouldn’t be the priority more than one’s study. Also, the part time job should not be the main income source. On the bright side, the places that foreign students could work is quite broad. Work places that people commonly think that is appropriate for students are also available to foreign students that qualify the requirements. Of course, there are some limitations, but most are places like promiscuous bars and others.

Now that people knew about the requirements for working as a foreigner in Korea. You are able to get a permission visa that is S-3. The things that you need for the S-3 are as follows.

  1. Passport
  2. Certificate of alien registration
  3. Application form
  4. Confirmation of part time employment
  5. Transcript
  6. Business license

After you prepare these documents you can get a permission to work in Korea in immigration office near your place. You can see immigration offices that are in Seoul. (the red dots)


After we meet the requirements let’s look for working places.   People recommend recruiting sites for example,


Through this site, students can find quality work places. If you search foreigner in the search engine there are high quality jobs like translator or office jobs that require advanced foreign language skills.

Compared with the other common recruiting sites like or,  is the best place foreign students can get fine quality jobs. Also from these jobs students could learn and make a good experience from work.

For students that want jobs that are less relevant with office and academic things, it is fine to look for jobs at the sites I mentioned above., these two sites are the main recruiting sites and it will be good to look at both sites as a reference.

Article by Jonghuk Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School

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