(1) How to Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding in Korea: Nearest Ski Resorts from Seoul (by Jeongmok)

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic is coming close and closer. Korea has four distinct seasons and usually winter starts and end from end of November to end of February. Unlike summer’s hot weather, it gets really cold in winter. Thus, Koreans are enthusiastic about winter sports. There are numerous ski and snowboard slopes in Korea where you can enjoy unique experience, especially if you are from a country where it does not snow. I will not only introduce slopes and resorts, but also I will give some tips to fully enjoy the winter sports.


Three nearest ski and snow board slopes from Seoul

  1. Gonjiam Resort (곤지암 리조트)

Gonjiam is by far the nearest and the latest resort from Seoul. It only takes 1hr 19min to get to the resort. The best thing about this resort is that you can approach the place by using subway line. There is a subway station called “Gonjiam” and you can take a taxi from there and easily get there fast. This is my favorite resort because it is near and very clean. They have 9 different slopes and have a super-fast lift; thus, it will lessen the time to get to the top of the slope. If more than 15 people make a reservation, the resort will send you a free shuttle bus. So, this resort is highly recommended when you go with more than 15 friends. Also, the prices of lifts are segmented freely depending on one’s schedule; thus you can be more economical.

Estimated Date of Opening Season: 1st December 2017

  1. Jisan Resort

Jisan has 7 main slopes and 3-sub slopes. In order to increase the mobility, escalators are installed. The slopes’ inclines vary from 7 to 30 degrees, satisfying needs of beginners to advanced customers. The estimated time to arrive is around 1hr and 20min by car. They also have slopes just made for snow boarders

Estimated Date of Opening Season: 25th November 2017

  1. Elysian Resort

The biggest advantage of Elysian resort is that they provide free shuttle bus from Seoul. The bus schedule varies from morning time to mid-night time, and depending on your lift schedule, you can choose the time to take the shuttle bus. The main bus stops near our school are Seoul Station, City Hall Station, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park stations. If you don’t want to take the bus then you can take the ITX train from Yongsan station to Baegyang-li(백양리) Station. The resort is very close from the station. They also implanted flexible lift time ticket; thus, it gives he or she more freedom to choose time of lift.

http://www.elysian.co.kr/gangchon/enjoyElysian/roadMap_free.asp You can check out the times with the help of Korean friends!

Estimated Date of Opening Season: 24th November 2017

Three things to remember before preparing for ski ride!

  1. Sun Block

You should not think that our skin get sun burned only during summer time. Because snow reflect sunlight many people are exposed to high rate of ultraviolet. Therefore, it is also important to where sunglasses or goggle to protect your eyes as well.

  1. Moisturizing Cream

It gets dry winter season, especially he or she does exercises. Also, Ski resorts are made within valleys so wind blows really strong. Thus, there are a lot of frictions that make you skin even more drier. In order to protect your skin moisturizing cream is essential and also lip balm too.

  1. Warm Inner clothes

Many people where huge padding wears because they think it is really cold while riding ski or snowboard; however, professionals say that rather than wearing big padding wears, it is better to wear warm clothes layer upon layer; thus, it will prevent the heat from cooling off. Thus, wearing layers will work as heat-trapping.

Article by Jeong Mok Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School.

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