Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 2 (by Yongshin)

  1. HIT lounge – HIT building


You might have seen HIT building but might not know the main purpose of the building. HIT building is mostly for startup businesses and employments. You can find information about employment at HIT building. Also, there is a startup center, so you can also get some help if you are interested in starting a business. HIT lounge is located at the 1st floor of HIT building. It was built by LINC (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation). Therefore you can learn what LINC does at the lounge. Inside of the lounge, there are various cutting-edge technology products. There is a VR zone, where you can experience various VR products. Also, there are some 3d printer and the output of the printer. Especially, it is hard to see 3d printer so it is good for you to see and operate the printer.


2. Yang Min Yong career lounge – HIT building

There is another lounge in the HIT building. It is Yang Min Yong career lounge. As HIT building is for startup and employment, HIT lounge is for startups, while Yang Min Yong career lounge is for employment. You can get various information about employment. Also, you can get counseling about employment at this lounge. There are also a lot of data, books, and newspapers that are related with employment. The lounge is divided into Action Zone, Bridge Zone, Challenge Zone, and Design Zone. Also, some interesting point of this lounge is its design. Yang Min Yong career lounge has a very luxurious and polished design. It is also very clean because it was built recently. It might be good for you to visit this lounge and get some information about starting business or getting employment.

3. Lee Jong Hyun Lounge – Paiknam Library


Lee Jong Hyun Lounge is the most recent lounge in our school. It was constructed during the summer vacation of this year and first opened in September. It’s located on the 1st floor of Paiknnam Library. Our alumni Lee Jong Hyun, a chairman of ICGAS (Incheon Gas Public Corporation). The most interesting point of Lee Jong Hyun Lounge is that you can watch movie at here. There are many DVDs in the lounge and you can lend one which you want to watch at the 1st floor of the library where you lend the book. Then you can enjoy movie by using headset. There are also very many computers so you can do your personal assignment. Also, there are many rooms that you can use for team project. It is lounge so you can talk and discuss with your friend, however most people are very quiet in this lounge not like other lounges. Therefore it is good for you not to be too loud at the lounge. Also, there is a piano and several sofas that you can rest at the lounge. Because it is built recently, it is very clean and polished. It will be good if you want to watch movie in campus.

As you can see, there are very many lounges in our school. It is good situation that the place for students to rest is increasing. I hope this article can help you use our campus more effectively.

Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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