Hyehwa and Ihwa Mural Village (by Annie)

This week I traveled to Ihwa Mural Village located on Mt. Naksan (not to be confused with Mt. Namsan and N Seoul Tower). This spot is an excellent place to spend an afternoon, especially when the weather is as lovely as it was. It’s a little bit of a walk but once you reach your […]

Buying Korean baseball game tickets in online! – Interpark Ticket (인터파크티켓) (by Jung Mok)

In Korea, there are four major ongoing sports leagues every year. The K –League (soccer) and KBO (baseball) starts every March and finishes in November, including post seasons. KBL (basketball) and V – league (volleyball) season starts every October and finishes in March. Korean people love watching and cheering for their favorite teams as much […]


Soju, beer? Borrriiing!!! Even Korean students are getting sick of drinking soju and beer (and sometimes somac). For those who are getting sick of plain soju, those who miss vodka and cocktail, and those who don’t have a lot of money, follow my steps to Seoul’s greatest top unlimited re-fill cocktail bars. I would like […]