If you are sick of Soju and Beer, Try different kinds of Makgeollis! (by Jeongmok)

If you are foreign incoming students in Korea, you may have heard different kinds of alcohol drinks such as Soju and Makgeolli. Today I would like to introduce different types of Makegolli that you can try in different places of the Korean peninsula. For instance, there are 4 big categories of French wine, which are Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine and Sparkling Wine and also depending on the region, the taste and texture of the drink is different because of the ingredients that they use to make the drink. Thus, similar to wine, there are uncountable numbers of Makgeolli depending on the region and today I would like to introduce some of them that are famous.정목1


First of all, what is Makgeolli? If you have never heard this drink before, I recommend that you to go to youtube and listen to the song “Makgeollina” by Busker Busker.

Makgeolli is a native alcohol beverage of Korea. The main ingredient is rice, which is fermented and becomes an alcoholic drink. It is an ivory color with a milky taste and contains an average of 6-8 alcohol volume. Wheat can also be used as fermentation starter, and it can form different flavors using fruits, chestnuts and corn etc. Makgeolli is traditional farmer liquor because it was originally popular among the farmers; however, it has now recently become popular in the cities, among young generations. Moreover, Korean people especially enjoy drinking Makgeolli, when it rains!

Ps. There are non-alcoholic beverage using rice and it is call Ski-Hae (식혜) You must try this!!!

The first Makgeolli is Ji-Pyeong(지평) Makgeolli



Ji-Pyeong makgeolli, is one of my favorites Makgeolli that I’ve tried recently. It is also registered as cultural property of Korea, and it is the most best-selling Makgeolli in the market. Name of Jipyeong came from the location where the brewery is located, Jipyeong since 1925, which is the oldest distillery in South Korea. Using underground water and high quality rice it has a very soft texture compare to other kinds of Makgeolli. It is also little sweeter than that of other beverages and contains 5% alcohol volume, which is slightly lower than other brands’.

The second Makgeolli is Gongju, Albam(chestnuts) Makgeolli


As you can see in the cover of the beverage, the chestnut flavor is added to the original taste. Gongju is also southern part of South Korea, and its local specialty is chestnuts. The color of the Makgeolli is more yellowish than the Jipyeong Makgeolli and you can feel the deep taste of chestnut when you swallow through the neck. The texture is little thicker and aromatic. It contains 6% alcohol volume.




The third Makgeolli is Sansuyu (Korean Cherry) Makgeolli


You can find this brilliant Makgeolli in Gurae, where the most beautiful Jiri Mountain is located. Gurae is a region where cherry is famous in Korea. Therefore, like Albam Makgeolli in Gongju, you can find this unique Cherry Makgeolli when you go to Gurae. The color is similar to strawberry milk, and the texture is light and fresh. Therefore, many young generations like this Makgeolli. The fragrance is very fruity, and has the 6% alcohol volume.

The Last unique Makgeolli is Udo Makgeolli

Udo is the biggest island in Jeju. Udo is famous for peanut with its rich fertilized land. Therefore Udo peanut makegolli is the bestselling makgeolli in Jeju Island with Citrus Makgeolli. The taste is similar to chestnut makgeolli but unique taste with its peanut flavor. Also, it has won several Makgeolli champion awards in Korea. Thus, if you have a plan to visit Jeju Island, you must try this makgeolli. It contains 6% of alcohol volume.

*Best Anju (Side dishes) Makgeolli: Pajeon(Green-Onion pancake, Tofu Kimchi and Bossam (boiled pork)

Article by Jeong Mok Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School.

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