Lounges you can linger on in the campus Part 1 (by Yongshin)

Where do you go when you don’t have class in school? You might need some places to rest for a while or to do your assignment. For these reasons, there are many lounges in school for students. Today I’d like to introduce various lounges in campus.

Sinhan lounge – Business building

First one is the place you might be familiar with. It is Sinhan lounge which is located on the 2nd floor of business building. Sinhan bank invested money for making this lounge so it’s named Sinhan lounge. Sinhan lounge is comparatively big compared to other lounges. There are lots of chairs and desks which give you places to rest with your friends or do your assignment. Sinhan lounge is the best place for team project. There are 2 study rooms and 4 discussion rooms, which are places for team project. You can use the study rooms by booking at administration office of business building and discussion rooms by booking inside of reading room on 2nd floor. There are some rules of using these rooms and you can find out the rule in front of each room. Moreover, you can use vending machine and ATM machine at the lounge. You don’t have to go to bank at alumnus hall or CU on B1 floor of business building for bank business and buying drink, but solve these at Sinhan lounge. Also, there is a cell phone battery charger so you can use it when you are lack of cell phone battery.

Ro Young Baik lounge – Engineering building 1


Ro Young Baik lounge is very popular among engineering department students. It locates on the 1st floor of Engineering building 1. Ro Young Baik, who is the CEO of Uju Electronics and also the alumnus of our school, dominate contribution for constructing this lounge. It’s very large and has plenty of space for personal or team work. Also, at the behind side of lounge, there are several mats for you to lie down and take a nap. Even though there are many students of engineering college, there has been a lack of place for them to take rest or do team work. Ro Young Baik lounge solves this problem. Also, not only engineering department students, but also other department students can use this lounge effectively because there are many classes that are held in engineering building 1, 2.

Arts space-FTC

You might be not familiar with FTC building. FTC building is located at school field. Many research is doing in this building and some engineer class is held at this building. On the 3rd floor of FTC building, there is an ‘Arts Space’ which is another lounge. Jeong Seung Il, a chairman of Seil Music and Culture Foundation, dominate this lounge for students. It has large space so that you can display your creativity. The unique point of this lounge is that there is ‘Detris’ at this lounge. You might have seen ‘Detris’ which is located at exit 2 of Hanyang University Station. It is a platform that you can donate 500 won. Many people feel burden of donating large amount of money. Therefore, there has been some efforts for people to donate less amount of money and ‘Detris’ is an example of this. There is a café at the lounge so you can enjoy coffee at the lounge.

Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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