Introduction of Performance Stages (Private & Public) in Korea for Musicians (by Jeongho)

What do you do to relieve stress? Playing games, watching movies, exercising, and playing music. All people have different methods for relieving stress. In my case, my one and only leisure is to play music. I guess that there are many foreign students who have played in a band or an orchestra in their original country but stopped after coming to Korea. Today I will introduce some special stages, both private and public, in Korea where hidden musicians can maintain their music.

  1. Private Stages

You might have seen many Korean students walking down the Hanyang Hills with a guitar on their shoulder or carrying a piano. Where are these students going? Let’s follow the steps of these musicians and look at some private stages that are not only famous but also very cheap~



Hongdae Blue Haze Hall is one of the cheapest, small-scale concert halls in hongdae. One of the biggest merits of this concert hall is the atmosphere. You can control the lights and choose the degree of brightness. 8 amps are furnished, so you can make up a team with 2 vocals, a guitar, a bass, a piano and a drum. Of course, you can use more instruments, but the sound will be less clean.


  1. Rental fee: 30000\ per hour
  2. Addition fee: Up to 2 mics are free/ 15000\ for 1 mic addition


  1. Free water (Furnished with water purifier)
  2. Furnished with a lot of Amps
  3. More than 40 seats available
  4. Food and alcohol enter allowed

 Way to Blue Haze Hall: since the hall does not show up on naver map, follow my steps

  1. You will see this scene When you come out from HongDaeIpGu station exit 3


2. Move forward and will see this scene

정호3   3. Go into this red entrance


4. Go down the stairs and you are here!



If Blue Haze Hall was more like an audience-performer friendly concert hall, since the height of the stage is almost parallel to the audience seats, Freebird Livehall is more like a performer oriented concert hall.


Bands who play hard rock, will love this concert hall. The music engineer helps you control the sounds and the balance, so for those who don’t know how to balance the sounds should choose this concert. Also, the engineer takes a video of the whole concert and sends you on email. You and your friends can watch how you did on your concert~

Since there are beams that makes the audience focus to the performer only, it helps them to concentrate more on the music itself. But, you should be aware, this concert hall is a semi-club concert, so you have no seats prepared. You should rather find a chair at the way back of the hall or should ‘stand’ and bounce your knees along with the rhythm.

You should be aware when you search for the concert hall because there is a club named ‘freebird club’ also in Hongdae, and you can confuse the two. (It takes almost 15 minutes by walk between the two clubs. Type on nave map ‘Freebird Livehall’ and don’t waste your time!!

Rental fee:

Mon-Thu 320,000\

Fri 400,000\

Sat-Sun 480,000\

It might seem a bit expensive compared to the Blue Haze hall, but it has better equipment. The best part is rehearsal is included in the fee, and an expert helps you check the sounds! So, with worth the price!!~

Way to get there:


Address: Seould SeoDaeMoonGu ChangCheonDong 512-1 YeonHuiro 14 B1                            Contact number: 010-6289-2701                                                                                                      Exit 3 is the closest

This week was about private concert halls and next week, I will come back with public concert halls, widely known as ‘Busking’, and the things you need to prepare for it.


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