A Healing Trip to Namhae National Marine Park (Part 1)

After a journey for the entrance exam I became an adult and it was a rapid change to take up myself. Before I became an adult the only thing I had to do were things related to studying. Other things were done by others who were supporting me. But after being a grown up I had to take over these tasks and it made me very stressful. With these worries fantasies about college life as an adult were vanished in my mind. I expected to do every I wanted but there weren’t much things that I could do myself. About June my worries about future and stress were at maximal point so I decided to run off from where I was.


  1. Destination: Gyeongsangnam-do Namhae Boriam (경상남도 남해군 보리암) 

Source: Namhae County Office

This photo from google had inspired a lot. At the first glance, I looked at this photo and I decided the destination as if it were a destiny to go there. I really wanted to see the sun rise.

Specifically, this photo is about a temple placing on the far south of the Korean peninsula. The temple in above the mountains the temple is close to the seashore so people could see the open sea and the sunrise together. Also, the temple and the mountain is designated as part of the National Marine Park. (pic 2 from google)

Source: Google Maps


  1. Finding a travel partner

I think this was the hardest part of this trip. The time I planned to take a trip was the final exam season. And nobody was keen to take a trip at that moment. I started asking my best high school friends about 7 friends refuses my proposal, then I asked my college friends also got denied by more than 3 people. After getting rejected by my middle school friends I finally find out a friend. This friend was also tired of the life as a college student in Seoul and we needed some healing.


  1. Planning for the trip

For a university student, it is hard to make time at the middle of June. We weren’t that free to make plans and we didn’t want to get stressed by planning our trip. We just called a pension if there were rooms and met at the bus terminal right after Friday class.


  1. Day 1

There was a bus that went to Namhae (남해) at 1 o’clock. After 5 hours by bus I saw myself crossing a small bridge. I didn’t know that Namhae (남해) was an island before I recognized the bus was crossing the bridge. We had no information about the island 남해 until we arrived there. At the 남해 bus terminal we started to find some tourist attractions. Thankfully there was a place called Germany village. After knowing about the village, we took the bus and ran straight.

It felt quite exotic seeing the German like houses but it didn’t meet my expectations. There weren’t as many houses as I thought. And most of the houses were closed because of the lack of tourists at the time.

When we go up to the top of the village there is an observatory. After seeing the sunset, we saw many German restaurants but we didn’t need one of those to make our trip fun. All we needed was some music, a cup noodle, a can of beer that would make us feel like Germany. So we went to a near convenience store and solved our dinner.

There are some pensions that are available for accommodation near the German Village (독일 마을). Also if you are in Namhae (남해) you must consider staying a night at Hilton Namhae. There are amazing golf courses, spa facilities, and an awesome sea view.

Source: Hilton

After our dinner we had to go to our pension but the bus was off service and we didn’t have any idea about going to our pension. The next story begins next week.


Article by Jonghyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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