All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 1)

Source: Newsway and Korea Herald Business

For those who have been, or are in Korea, you must have tried Korean Soju (소주) and Beer. Koreans like to have drinks with people, and feel that it is a way to get in closer bonding. When saying goodbye to friends, they even might say “나중에 술 한잔 하자” (Na-joong-ae Sool Han-Jan Ha-ja) which means “Let’s have a drink later on”. Soju and Beer are two of the most often drunk alcohol. However, Koreans also like to mix the two to make a much more tasty experience. Today, I will introduce the different blends of Soju and Beer.

“The Golden Blend” or “The Golden Ratio”

Source: Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Blog

Koreans call the name of Soju and Beer (Mak-joo, 맥주) blended together So-Mak (소맥). Good So-Mak has the fizz of Beer and the softness and sweetness of Soju at the same time. To make good So-Mak (소맥), you should not just mix them together. There is a certain “ratio” that is said to make the best So-Mak. The perfect ratio is called “The Golden Ratio”, but it differs from person to person. The picture above is a glass that has the measurements of So-Mak. But not everyone has that special glass of So-Mak. Let me show you some of the measurements that are said to be “Perfect”.


One of the most common measurements are the 3:7. This means to have 3 of Soju and 7 of Beer. To measure 3:7 without a measuring cup may sound hard. However there are some hacks Koreans use.


First, cup two Soju cups on top of each other like the picture above. Then pour Soju on the top cup to the line of the under cup (Also as the picture above). Pour the Soju to the beer glass.


Then, pour beer to the end of the letters in the beer glass, as in the picture above. This is said to be the way of measuring 3:7.


Half and half is for the Soju lovers, or the ones who want a more alcoholic experience. Some say that it is too strong, while the lovers say that it tastes of ‘sweet’ Soju. It is pretty obvious to make half and half. Pour one full cup of Soju (from the Soju glass to the beer glass), and then one full Soju cup of beer into the beer glass.

One mouthful So-Mak

There is also a method to make So-Mak so that you can ‘one-shot’ it, or have it in one mouthful. As making 3:7, cup two Soju glasses together and pour Soju until the line. Pour the Soju into the beer glass. Then, pour beer in the Soju glass fully. Pour that in the beer glass. That makes So-Mak to be good in one shot.

Mixing So-Mak

Just pouring Soju and beer into one cup does not make So-Mak. You have to mix it up. You can mix So-Mak by hardly banging your spoon into the mixture. Then white foam will rise up and the So-Mak will be mixed. You can also stick one chopstick inside and hit the chopstick you stuck inside with a different chopstick. It will also make white foam. A different mixing method is called ‘Tsunami’. It is not easy to make exact ratio So-Mak, but it is fun and exciting to watch, bringing up the fun in drinking. To do ‘Tsunami’, first pour beer into the beer glass gently, tilting the beer glass and trying not to make a lot of foam on the top. Next put a Soju glass on top of the beer, floating the Soju glass on beer. Then carefully pour Soju into the Soju glass, trying not to sink the Soju glass, keeping the Soju glass afloat on the beer. Then with two chopsticks, hit the sides of the beer glass rapidly. The beer will overflow into the Soju glass, making white foam and sinking the Soju glass, just like a ‘Tsunami’.

Today I introduced the different mixtures of Soju and beer, the two most loved alcohol by Koreans. I hope that you can all try the new experience of mixing two alcohols together. You might think that it is awkward at first, but once you try it you will be amazed at the taste. Koreans also have more mixtures of alcohol. Next week I will write about more different mixtures. Until then, try having some So-Mak.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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