Cheap Self-cocktail

Lee Anna Many foreigners are surprised by Korean’s culture. Koreans can start drinking when they become 20 in Korean age or the year they turn 19 in international age, which is quite younger than other countries’ minimum age. When someone asks his friend, ‘Let’s go and have a drink’, it doesn’t just mean that ‘we […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 2)

On my last article I introduced some blend ratios of Korean Soju (소주) and Beer (Mak-joo). Koreans seem to like to mix up alcohol, and play with the different mixtures. However Soju and beer are not the only types of alcohol Koreans mix. Today I will show you some more interesting mixtures of Korean alcohol. […]

All Kinds of Alcohol Mixtures in Korea (Part 1)

For those who have been, or are in Korea, you must have tried Korean Soju (소주) and Beer. Koreans like to have drinks with people, and feel that it is a way to get in closer bonding. When saying goodbye to friends, they even might say “나중에 술 한잔 하자” (Na-joong-ae Sool Han-Jan Ha-ja) which […]

Going to Dinner in Seoul, South Korea

Choosing a Restaurant Choosing a place to have dinner in Seoul can be either an extremely difficult, or very simple task depending on how decisive you are because the streets are literally lined with endless options. While walking down any main road or side street you pass tens of dozens of Korean BBQ restaurants, grab-and-go […]

Soju Drinking Culture

There are many things that are very different between South Korea and your country, be it the language, the food, the people – the list goes on and on. But one thing is just as true here as it is at home: people like to gather, socialize, and unwind with a drink (or 12) with […]