Rooftops for Spring!

A long chilly winter has finally gone and spring has already arrived. As the weather gets warmer, you can go out with your friends, lovers etc. There are several ways to enjoy spring and one of them is looking down a night view of Seoul (서울). There are several ways to enjoy a night view […]

International Ski Trip 2017 at Yongpyong Resort

Every semester, there are hundreds of exchange and visiting students flying from all over the world to Hanyang University (한양대학교). No matter where you go, it is important to feel welcomed and find a sense of belonging in a new environment. I was lucky to have gone on this trip organized by students for students […]

An Evening of Good Eats: Tongin Market

Last week, a group of friends and I, along with our mentors from the 한밀레 (Hanmille) Program took a trip to a traditional Korean market to try out some Korean street food. Initially, we had planned to check out Gwangjang Market, closer to Hanyang (한양대학교), but that market closes earlier in the day, so we […]

Ways to Make Foreign Friends for Both Koreans and Foreign Students

One of the merits of being a Hanyang University (한양대학교) student is that we have lots of opportunities to meet foreigners. From business major to natural science major everywhere we could see students that came from another country. Both Koreans and international students have the necessity of making friends. Some Koreans will want to improve […]

An Afternoon out at Seochon

Seochon (서촌), a small and quiet town near Gyeongbokgung (경복궁), is the perfect place to experience both modern and traditional aspects of Seoul. Seochon is known for its traditional market named “Tongin Market (통인시장)” where you can buy food with the market’s special tokens shaped like old Korean coins. It is also full of great […]

Enjoying a Cultural Night Out at Daelim’s D MUSEUM

Staying in Korea means that there is much to do. However, for those who enjoy a night out at art museum, Daelim’s D MUSEUM (대림 디뮤지엄) is a great choice. Now there is an exhibit called YOUTH, where it shows many different aspects of ‘youth’. D MUSEUM is located in Han-nam (한남). You can go […]