Cafeteria Guide: Engineering Building II

This is the 3rd article of our cafeteria guide. This time, I will introduce the most crowded cafeteria on campus. It is located near the Engineering Building II. However, due to its central location, it is very easy to reach from everywhere, e.g. Paeknam Main Library, College of Music, Business School, or HIT Building!


Located on the 7th floor of the College of Human Ecology building, this cafeteria is called “Faculty Cafeteria”. The reason for its name is the above-average food quality (and price). However, the name does not mean that it is exclusively for faculty members. Also students can use this cafeteria and, personally, I have rarely seen any faculties in there!

So, how can you get there? If you are near the Engineering Building II, you can simply go the stairs leading up the slope. Upstairs, you will face the ROTC Building and College of Music. The College of Human Ecology is the building to your left. If you come from the Business School building, you have to walk up the steep main street to Paeknam Main Library, until you see the College of Human Ecology on the left.

Entrance of the College of Human Ecology (near HIT & Central Library)

Entrance of the College of Human Ecology (near HIT & Central Library)

After finding the building, you have to take an elevator to get to the 7th floor.

The elevator in the lobby of the College of Human Ecology

The elevator in the lobby of the College of Human Ecology

Here, you can find a reception desk and a sample menu.

Sample menu and the receptionist (counter)

Sample menu and the receptionist (counter)

Oh, only two menus are offered! And in my experience, one of these menus is often sold out. Accordingly, chances are somewhat high that you will just a single option. If both menus are available, you can select between the menu “Bonne Table” and “Dam Hyang-in” (both only written in Korean and Chinese letters). You can pay cash or by credit card through the receptionist. After you bought the ticket, the next steps are identical with all other cafeterias. As there are only two menus, you can easily find the right serving counter.

You might think now, that this cafeteria’s only merit is its accessibility. However, it offers much more. Up there, on one of the highest buildings on campus, you have a wide, beautiful view on the surroundings. Unfortunately, the weather was bad when I took the photos for this article. But believe me: When it is clear or during the night, you don’t even need to go Seoul N Tower to have a great night view.

The view from the cafeteria on a foggy day :-/

The view from the cafeteria on a foggy day :-/

Also, this cafeteria has quite luxurious interior. Plus, the quality of the provided food is great! If you can select the menu, one of the menus will surely suit your taste!

Inside the cafeteria

Inside the cafeteria

By now, I have introduced three cafeterias to you. Of course, this introduction only represents my personal opinion and opinions differ, of course. Nonetheless, I hope that our small cafeteria guide helps you to find your personal favorite among the various cafeterias on campus. The other five cafeterias (which I haven’t talked about yet) will be briefly introduced very soon!

Criteria Rating (X out of 6 stars)
Accessibility ★★★★★★
Waiting Time ★★
Price ★★
Menu Diversity ★★
Taste ★★★★★★
Capacity ★★★★


By Yoon (“Peter”)


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