Seoraksan and Nami Island: Daytrips out of Seoul on Holiday Weekend

The last week of April/the first week of May in Korea is a time full of celebrations and activity. For university students everywhere, midterms begin winding down just as two holidays drew closer for the weekend: Buddha’s Birthday (석가탄신일) and Children’s Day (어린이날). With all of this free time for many students, and the fact […]

Camping in Seoraksan, South Korea

This weekend I went on a spontaneous camping trip with a group of 20 exchange students. We gathered in groups of 4-5 and purchased tents for only 40,000 won and sleeping bags for about 15,000 Won. Everyone packed out backpacks full of snacks, beer, and soju and set out to Seoraksan National Park (설악산 국립공원) […]