Welcome to “Glitters”!

Welcome to “Glitters”

If you are new to the Hanyang University as an exchange student, come and join us, Glitters. Glitters is named after the front word out of “Global” and the back of the word, “Supporters”. Also, Glitters can be interpreted literally as the one “glitter” indicates. As you know, it means “gleaming and sparkling like a star”. We hope Glitters will shine like a true star toward foreigners.

Glitters Glitters Group

The Hanyang University Business School (HUBS; 한양대학교 경영대학) established “Glitters” just at the beginning of this year to help exchange students to get used to the campus life in Korea, promote Hanyang University Business School throughout the world, and increase the interaction between Koreans and exchange students coming from all over the world. We are all business school students (all undergraduates), so if you are majoring in business, come to any of our meetings and have fun with us and other exchange students.


Last week, at the end of the March, we were successfully holding an orientation called “Real Campus Life Tips for you”. The number of students who showed up was less than we expected, because there was a mandatory class for Korean language on every Thursdays. However, it was so profitable time to inform foreign students of the necessary things to know before the time passes by. We have categorized five features in total, which are school facilities in HUBS, Paiknam library (백남학술정보관), entertainment, cafeteria & post office and hot spots to visit in Korea. We have uploaded the PowerPoint we had explained into our Facebook page. So if you are having troubles dealing with how to use a printer or something else, like us on Facebook, “Glitters in Hubs”.

Scheduled events by Glitters (Tentative)

Month Main Activities
3 Orientation + Real Campus Tips.ppt
4 Information session (International Programs)
5 Company Visit (KIA) + Conversation Club
6 Campus tour (Hanyang History Museum)
7 Summer Vacation
8 Summer Vacation
9 Orientation & “Chuseok” Party &

Campus tour (Hanyang History Museum)

10 Study tour with Danish students
11 Conversation Club
12 Farewell Party

We were looking forward to holding various events for exchange students, so finally we framed up a one-year plan. After ending the period of mid-term exam, information session will be held at the end of the April in the business school. This is for letting us know about international programs including how to apply to be an exchange student. Also during the session, we will give time for exchange or international students to introduce and notify each foreign school they are coming from. Following the next month, we are planning to do “Company Visit”, where the main factory for exporting lots of automobiles controlled by KIA is located in Hwaseong (화성시). Unfortunately, the participants available to attend are only limited to Chinese students. However, don’t be too depressed! We are thinking of holding such an event oriented to all students in the near future.


Source : Russian Conversation Club

In addition, we are going to hold an international conversation club every other week in May. We are considering to cover the large fields of subjects such as what is happening in the world or economical/political issues. We will choose a topic of general interest and discuss it in English with the casual atmosphere. It would be fun if we have a friendly talk and conversation with students whose perspective they have can be different. We will get applicants of 30 exchange students and 10 Korean students who wants to participate the conversation club and hang out with us. It will be announced through Kakao Talk (카카오톡) or Facebook, so always keep your eye on our website!

history museum

With the start of June, the final test will be just around your corner. Before preparing the test in earnest, we will head to the “Hanyang History Museum (한양대학교 역사관)” as the final event in this semester. Because this building has been founded just a few months ago, the status of cleanliness and facility is so gorgeous to visit once in your exchange student’s period. And we will make a small party for farewell to say goodbye to all foreign/exchange students.

campus tour

Source : love.hanyang.ac.kr

Again, we will resume our activities when second semester starts off. At the very beginning of the semester, we are planning to do campus tour for new exchange students. There is a high probability that anyone, who are new to this campus, often get lost even though they are consulting the maps, especially finding out the directions for a business school. It’s because business school is located so far from the Hanyang Station and the ways to get to that building are so many. Therefore, it would be our role of showing them where each building is located. Of course, through speaking in English.


Source : Yonhap News

Also in August, we are hosting a “Chuseok party”. This is an important national holiday in Korea, so we annually set a place for foreign students to experience and feel how it is different with holiday of their hometown and engage themselves into Korean culture so deeply. On October, a group of Danish students will come here for a short period. We will take on a role of helping them out on how they can make better strategies for Danish companies to enter competitive Korean markets. It can be an interesting opportunity for us, because we always struggle to come up with a new set of idea about how Korean companies can make a success in global and overseas market. And the others activities such as the tour of “History Museum” would be the same as the ones that I mentioned above.

Orientation_2 Orientation_4 Orientation_5 Orientation_6

We, Glitters, are really in need of your attention and support. If you have something in your mind that you want to do this semester like field trip or a day out, contact us through facebook, “Glitters in Hubs”. We are right next to you, so feel free to ask questions or anything.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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