Hanyang Plaza, Remodeled!

The most visible place when one visits Hanyang University, most probably in front of exit 2 of Hanyang University Station (한양대역), is Hanyang Plaza (한양플라자). During the two month summer vacation last year, Hanyang Plaza was at last renovated. The reason for the remodeling was to improve the building environment. This time, the renovation, centered around the first floor of the building and partly the second floor, was handled by ‘Bitflex’, in which this was a condition for management of shops. This is the second time the building has gone under renovation, in which the building went through first full-scale remodeling in 2003. Hanyang Plaza was known for its lagged environment compared to other facilities, a problem for students simply searching for a place to relax and maybe just read a book. Now then, what changed after the remodeling?


< Are you tired? Then come here and take a rest >

First, due to this remodeling, the first floor was completely renovated, which includes the restaurants, the lobby, coffee shops, and the restrooms as well. More restaurants were added to fit and attend to the various needs and wants of students, along with a total of 112 seats in the center of the first floor with table of fours, six and even for single students wishing to eat or just grab a cup of coffee while reading an article. 40 more chairs and tables are arranged on the terrace right outside of the first floor exit.


< Various foods for students! Present your school ID card and get a 10-30% discount >

As stated of, Hanyang Plaza possess many kinds of restaurants to match the various tastes of Korean and foreign students alike. Korean, Chinese, American, Japanese, and even fast food is now available. Also 3 cafés on the first floor and 1 café on the third floor are in service inside Hanyang Plaza. If students show their school ID card, they can get a discount up to 30% but there are some differences between each café. In particular, the café named Twosome Place promotes their discount event and give 20% discount for all kinds of coffee for Hanyang University’s students. So how about go to Hanyang Plaza to enjoy delicious food and coffee and at the same time pay a lower price?

Although not renovated this time, going up to the third floor, you can find the Students Restaurant (학생식당) for students low on budget. Here, any student can buy noodles (ramen) for \1300,the Korean Set menu for \1500~2000, and grilled food or soup (Fried meat, Bibimbab, Fried rice) for at maximum \3000. This restaurant is practically a savior for students.


< Establishment of facilities for your studies: printing zone, stationery store! >

Before the remodeling, only one stationery store existed in school but now, one more stationery store opened in Hanyang Plaza. So students have a relatively wider range of choices. And next to the stationery store, printing zone is located. One of this printing zone’s unique points is the way you pay for your materials. Students usually calculate themselves after the printing because the owner of the printing zone in known to believe in the students’ conscience. Printing price is also cheaper than other printing zones, so students can use computer printing very easily and comfortably.


< Actualize your dreams as much as you please at the Club Rooms >

One of the most enjoyable things during your college life is club activities. In school, there are various clubs such as study or academic-related (debate, English discussion, English debate), arts, religion, sports, and volunteer clubs. Most clubs’ cherished nest is located on the second floor or the fourth floor of the Plaza. Once your are accepted of membership of the club, students are free to use these club rooms when they need to meet a club friend, or want to talk and enjoy time (or just kill time) with their friends. You can feel the passion of college students for their clubs when you come across these rooms.


As stated above, there are many convenient facilities in Hanyang Plaza. If you look around the Hanyang Plaza, you can get an idea of Hanyang University’s students’ school life. So, I recommend going to Hanyang Plaza and use the many facilities there, since it is “the sincere” place for students.


Source: http://www.newshyu.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=18093

Source: http://www.newshyu.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=18640


Article by Yeongwoo from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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