Getting to Know about Korea Through Youtube: Part 1

Hello, guys. This time I would like to introduce some famous Korean Youtube channels. For those of you who are tired of learning a language through textbooks, and would like to know about Korean culture or trend in reality, or those who are scrolling down Facebook for killing time, I have come up with a list of 10 Youtube channels. These channels are chosen from 4 different categories under strict (?) criteria: language use, reality and applicability. Today, I am going to introduce 5 of them under 2 categories.


☞ The average running time must not exceed 10 minutes – the longer it becomes, the sleepier it gets

☞ Language: Should be easily understandable. Either the speaker speaks both English and Korean, or puts English subtitles

☞ Reality: Korean culture is well explain in depth.

☞ Applicability: Not only fun to watch, but also useful and applicable

Some Youtube channels have over 1 million subscribers, so you can assume that these are very famous among Koreans as well as foreigners. Hope these videos add some fun to your life and help you get a little bit more familiar with Korean culture.


1. Korean life and culture:

영국남자 Korean Englishman: a man from England named Josh, makes videos with his friends introducing English life to Korean subscribers and Korean culture to Londoners. Recently, he married a Korean woman who is a famous cook.

Language: ★★★★★ Josh is a native English speak but also speaks Korean fluently. English subtitles exist.

Reality: ★★★★

Applicability: ★★★



Simon and Martina: Spending seven years of their lives in South Korea, this cute couple always explores new things. Especially, they have a good insight of Korean food and snacks. They moved to Japan several months ago. You will still be able to feel the couple’s energetic and pioneering spirit.

Language ★★★★ Most of their videos are edited from a foreigner’s view

Reality ★★★★

Applicability ★★★★



데이브 The World of Dave : An American man residing in Korea uploads his and his friends’ life stories, sometimes adventurous, but mostly ridiculous. Dave puts a lot of visuals and subtitles so his channel are never boring to watch. He also makes several videos comparing different cultures and languages which are worthy to watch.

Language ★★★★ Well mixture of the two languages

Reality ★★★★★

Applicability ★★★

Absurdity ★★★★★★★



2. For a hungry tummy

Honeykki꿀키: A hungry honey rabbit fries, grills and bakes! Honeykki cooks all different kinds of food from a Korean home dish to French desserts. The grizzling sound will make your mouth watery.

Language ★★ No language skills needed. Food overcomes everything.

Reality ★★★

Applicability ★★★★ only if you have your own kitchen

Watery Mouth: ★★★★★★★



Gourmet Road (식신로드): Gourmet Road is originally a Korean TV show. Every episode, three main hosts introduce their favorite restaurants and actually visit to try the menu. This program is focused on hosts’ eating reactions and comments. You can watch both the entire episodes and short clips. One good thing about Gourmet Road is that it reveals the price of menu and location. So viewers can know where the restaurants are.

Language ★★ Unfortunately, no English subtitles exist. L

Reality ★★★★

Applicability ★★★★

5 6

Hope you enjoy them. My next post will be about the other two categories: fashion trend and a lonely night edition.


Written by SangEun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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