Alessandro Mendini Exhibition

Today, I am going to talk about Alessandro Mendini Exhibition. Well I already explained the brief introduction about four exhibitions that you can enjoy these days, and I watched one of them.

So, Who is Alessandro Mendini? He is really famous designer-especially the pioneer of the post modernism design. And I think you have heard of the wine opener called ‘Anna G’. This was the turning point of the Mendini’s life, He thought the every designed-material is alive, so he described the wine opener as the women stretched herself. And it was a big hit.

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Well, I guess most of people are familiar with Alessandro Mendini. Now, in Korea that famous Alessandro Mendini’s design works are arrived. You can see 600 of Mendini’s works at DongDaeMoon Disign Plaza-the DDP (동대문디자인플라자). The entrance fee is quite expensive. The adults are 14,000 Won, and the students are 12,000 won. But, I think it is worth it.

When you go inside, you can see the entrance. Just go straight and the room is all yours. It consists of various theme. But I think you better see the most famous masterpiece, the ‘Anna G’. There are different kinds of Anna G that Mendini made. Ane the 2015 version is quite marvelous.

And also, unlike the common exhibitions, you can touch and sit while you are watching the Mendini’s work. There is even a signt that ‘Sit here, the design is all about feeling’. So, many people sit in the sofa that Mendini made, and touched them.

IMG_20151112_172921 IMG_20151112_172933 IMG_20151112_174048

After you pass the Anna G part, you can see the giant design. Mendini tried to make the new design, but all of a sudden, he realize that there were no more ‘new’ in the design world. So he just twisted the true design-making it big or tiny. So, you can see the huge chair, cup, etc.

The Alessandro Mendini exhibition are opens at Tuesday to Sunday. Tuesday to Sunday, it opens 10~19, and Wednesday and Saturday, it opens at 10~21. And the exhibition will be continued till February twenty-eighth. So before you go to hometown, go DDP and see the how extraordinary works that Mendini done.


Article by Shinhwa from Korea

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