The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

In my case, I like to go to gallery or exhibition about art. Therefore, I tend to go at least one art museum when I travel abroad. For people like me, I’d like to introduce ‘The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA)” (국립현대미술관) and some exhibitions held there.

MMCA is located near Gyengbokgung palace (경복궁). When you look at Gyengbokgung palace squarely, MMCA is on the right side. It is quite big building. If you enter MMCA, there are some stores on the 1st floor in front of door. If you keep going deeper, you can see the information where you can buy tickets. The prices of tickets are different in each exhibition. In my case, I went there in the period of open week when every exhibition is free, so I could get ticket for free. However, tickets are relatively inexpensive. Integrated ticket which you can see all exhibitions is 4000won. Also, since the last Wednesday in months is a culture day, you can enter for free.(But you should go information counter and get a ticket) MMCA open at 10am and close at 6pm. Especially, there are 3 more extra opening time on Wednesday and Sunday for free.(10am-9pm) On every Monday and January 1st , museum closed.

As I said just before, I went there on open week, so I watch every exhibition which opened at that time. Therefore I am going to recommend some exhibition I saw.

1. Korean Air Box Project

It is performance by the media artist, Julius Popp. This project held in various country. The performance consist of big container box and water drop. The title is “Bit. Fall Pulse” which means “falling” of “bits”, the smallest unit of information. It express the frequency of words used in internet on these days.



2. Korea-Australia Partnership Exhibition New Romance

According to MMCA, The motivation for this exhibition was a novel Neuromancer which is a science fiction work on cyberpunk culture. From this motivation, this exhibition express about the relationship and our reaction when we meet the creature by us or something. In my opinion, this exhibition was very interesting. During all the time I watched it, I was impressed how they could think that way. I really recommend this exhibition.



This is 10-year long collaboration project with Hyundai Motor Company to support solo exhibitions of Korean artists. The title of this exhibition is “Invisible Land of Love” which is cited from the title of a poem by the poet MAH Chonggi. This artist shows careful deliberation from everyday objects. This exhibition is completed by viewer. You can experience it and participate it.


MMCA held lots of well-made exhibitions. The reason I decided to go there was exhibition, New Romance. Even if you are interested in just one exhibition or not interested in any exhibition, I recommend to go there. Because there are lots of thing you can’t imagine.


Article by Yujin from Korea

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