Palaces in SEOUL (Part 5)

Gyeonghuigung Palace (경희궁) is the last of the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul. The palace was also built during the Joseon Dynasty (조선왕조). They started constructing it at the beginning of the 17th century and finished it already six years later. It is located at the West side of the city and if translated literally, the […]

Travel Korea by Train (Rail-Ro)

Don’t you have any romance about traveling by train? Especially, seeing landscape in train would be nice when it is snowy. However, to travel all around Korea, the price of train tickets would be a burden to you. Also, you should hurry to be just in time for train even if you want to stay […]

Student Housing: Off-campus Housing Options

There are several options available for students who decide not to stay at on-campus housing arranged by the university. While on-campus housing offers security and hassle-free living, the strengths of off-campus housing lie in more flexible rules and locations. Since there is a limited number of rooms at on-campus dormitories, most of the international students […]

Calm and Beautiful: Gok-Seong

Gok-Seong (곡성). Maybe not even all Koreans know this city. I have been in this city for travel, by means of Rail-ro (내일로). Rail-ro is a ticket in which you may ride the train for an unlimited amount for one full week! If I have a chance I will introduce about Rail-ro more in detail later on. […]

Can You Escape Indoors? (Part 2)

I caught the escape room fever and I went digging for more. I really enjoyed my time at the No Escape, I decided to check out other escape rooms. Seoul Escape to my surprise was even bigger and had a lot more to offer. Located in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon, if you’ve escaped to Seoul […]