Gimyujeong Rail Biking

So, your first question might be, “What is rail biking?”’ Rail biking is a fun activity for you to do with your friends that is where you bike along a railroad track through the mountains and tunnels! Whether it is in the spring or winter, rail biking is great for you and your friends to […]

Biking in Seoul

Have you ever thought about what lies in the less popular spots in Seoul? If so, go grab a bike and find out. Today’s blog is about where to get a bike in Seoul, where you can ride, and how to get the bikes. There are two spots that I explored the Seoul Forest and […]

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Boseong is about 5 hours away, and even though green tea fields are the main attraction, staying the night is a good idea so you are not on a bus for 10 hours of your day. Before you go: 1. Check the forecast, gather up some friends, and plan a day ahead so you can […]

Getting your Haircut in Seoul

Haircuts in Seoul can be a daunting experience. Asian hair can be quite different, so when westerners get their haircut here, they can sometimes end up with disappointing results if they end up with an inexperienced stylist. That being said Seoul is a very international city, so there are plenty of salons that can give […]

Travelling to Osaka: Things to do (part 2)

Last week I introduced some tips on getting to Osaka, this week I’ll be introducing some spots to go check out in Osaka!   Umeda Sky Building First up, the Umeda Sky Building! One of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, the Umeda Sky Building is the world’s first linked twin skyscraper. The iconic landmark has […]